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  1. Probably of no interest to you now but argos have the solar powered, radio controlled version with the solid caseback for £99
  2. I had one a few months back but returned it due to a wobbly crown, could of just been a bad one but apart from that it was well made. Very nice bracelet from what I remember.
  3. Davey is a very generous guy Good luck fixing them up buddy
  4. Nice find and a nice gesture, I second the window frames it looks as good without
  5. They do wear larger than the size suggests so don't worry about the smaller diameter numbers
  6. Good idea potentially but cause unwanted delays i suspect especially for the buyer.
  7. Really nice like the vintage square case kind of look
  8. Thanke for the input guys, it's arrived this morning so I will get some pics up later on. I'm expecting it to be quite nice after reading most of the posts
  9. Hey guys, have one of these incoming. Is there any love for these? I haven't actually handled one before so looking forward to it arriving. Any information as to what to expect build quality wise or is it just another middle range Seiko?
  10. Love the red, have a soft spot for red especially the choppard. Enjoy
  11. Very nice would love one of these some day. Enjoy
  12. Maybe I could if I had to, probably choose g shocks as they can used is most situations, cheap enough to replace and lots of variety
  13. Good thinking I will do just that
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