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  1. Very nice!! My mate has recently bought one of these I was drooling over it when he showed me, the packaging it comes with looks fantastic and would look great on display
  2. I would imagine Google would be more help than us lot I'm afraid
  3. Lovely looking Seiko, what diameter is around 35mm?
  4. I totally agree with all points you make it adds something thats missing on the dial on the blue and green versions.
  5. Looks fantastic reminds me of a Sinn for some reason. Very good choice!!
  6. Just had a look at these on the website, it does say it's 40mm which would be a nice sweet spot size for this. I must admit I love the silver dial model with the black moonphase subdial
  7. I have to second the mad watch collector brilliant content and entertaining to
  8. Both nice choices I was eying up the second one on Amazon but notice they did a multi band 6 and close version for £75 just waiting for it to drop a little and I will hit the buy now button
  9. Hello I’ve had a few and all fantastic build quality and very reliable only reason I moved them on I got bored as I do with all watches but no fault of there own, if I had the chance to buy another Sunny 556a I would jump at it.
  10. Hey guys, what’s the difference between these 2 movements is it just the sub second hand module that’s been added? Is it an high grade movement or just a run off the mill ETA movement like the rest? Thanks
  11. Fantastic collection and nice watch box to
  12. Stunning watch. I’ve made my first purchase which happens to be a Longines.
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