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  1. Very nice the only thing I'm not so keen on is the bezel is a little plain for me but that's just my taste.
  2. Very nice my work friend has one of these and it looks good when the light catches the Dial. Enjoy
  3. Hey guys just after a little help, my friend as asked me to order a strap for his watch which is a vintage WK1210 midsized 36/38mm he said. Any idea what the lug width is as I have asked him and he doesn't have a tape measure or would I trust his measurements haha, I can't really find an answer online, some say 18mm, some say 19mm and one says 20mm any idea which one it is guys?
  4. Yes buddy I think they done a 38, 42 and 44?
  5. That's a beast mate I think i would be walking leaning over with that on my wrist lol
  6. Perfect as I have slimmer wrists so didn't want something that would be huge. Thanks fingers crossed it sells and I can pull the trigger on the Colt
  7. Looks stunning. I am after the one on the sales corner if I'm honest just need to sell my watch now. Does it wear like a 42mm of bigger? I'm surprised to hear about the short bracelet they used to be quite long.
  8. I saw a Ball fireman I was tempted to get on sale at Ernest Jones but I resisted and putting the money towards one bigger purchase but it looked stunning for the price. Enjoy yours.
  9. My contents covers mine although probably only around £2.5k worth in total so compared to some not mega amounts sodoeant cost any extra.
  10. Very nice I love the blue bezel is that the new model?
  11. Thanks for all the input on this. It was a Breitling Superocean so nothing rare by any means. It has gone back and I will have to look for something else. It's my first big watch purchase in a long time so I don't mind a few drinks and marks if I expect them but when they say it's mint and I'm expecting mint it's a dissapoitment. On the look out again
  12. The dink is on the side rear part of the case so can't be seen during wear but it's there non the less and was described as a mint case
  13. Hey guys, bought a watch off ebay and it arrived today but if I'm honest it was not as described as it was made out to be in excellent 9/10 condition I would rate it at around a 6.5/10. Case has a dink and the bracelet has been refinished along with a couple of other marks. I feel I got it at a decent price and the seller is genuine and offered to partial refund me a 10th of the amount or return it and refund me. My question is I really like the watch so without giving away what brand or model it is as I don't want the brand to be a deciding factor would you keep it and have it sorted out and enjoy it or send it back and start looking again? Any input welcome even if you say I'm being stupid and return it haha
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