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  1. Wow loving the collections didn't realise there was that much love for digitals on here.
  2. Thanks MSC. Shes well and out of hospital now so that's a huge relief. Wow that's some collection!! Nice wave captor spiny, what year you reckon? Nice collection kanab, I want one of those tough solars eventually. I also need a f-91 just for the fun factor
  3. Hey guys, after having a lot going on in my life, poorly mum, losing my house etc.. I decided to give watches a break for a while but now I'm back and weirdly I have found a love for digitals!! I don't know why but I am loving anything digital at the moment and don't own an analog anymore as I sold them all earlier this year. Anyone else love a good digital,pics would be great
  4. Thanks everyone, I just hate moving it's such a nightmare but I need more space so it has to be done unfortunately. Cant wait to be back
  5. Unfortunately I have a lot going on in my life at the minute including moving house etc.. So I will be abit quite for a while as I don't think I am going to get much time to be on the forum for a while so hope you all keep well and buy plenty of watches, it won't be to long until I am back to normal hopefully and will be able to have more time on the forum again
  6. Wow some beauty's there, loving the zenith it's stunning!!
  7. What do you guys think to moonphase watches? Saw a Royal London one yesterday and immediately fell in love with it although I held off buying. Any one here got any nice ones?
  8. Glad you're happy buddy, it looks great oh the rubber strap
  9. I had one a few years ago it was a fantastic watch but sadly mine was a quartz I couldn't stretch to the automatic, bet you're very happy
  10. Don't think people of the Lake District would want to see that
  11. Well I went out holiday clothes shooing today to get a last few bits and ended up buying a timex weekender. Very happy with it and the extra strap is a bonus so I'm a very happy boy, didn't get any clothes though haha
  12. Thanks for input, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. That's a nice model Rod
  13. I was out and about yesterday on my lunch and happened to see a very nice accurist chronograph. I had a look and was shocked at how good the quality was for a cheap watch, solid stainless steel, nice leather strap and very weighty for the price I will get a pic up later but being my first accurist in years I am very impressed ass the older models I found abit flimsy and cheap feeling. Anyone on here have an accurist?
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