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  1. Looks nice but maybe the all blacked out look would be difficult to read as I had a similar looking Victorinox a while ago, nightmare to see unless you have decent lighting or it's just my dodgy eye sight haha
  2. Aqua terra for me to I think as i would rather have one high end than 3 mid range pieces.
  3. Got to say I am loving the oris I should of gone for that originally before I dumped that kind of money down on the Seikp but luckily there was always the option to return haha
  4. Surprisingly there's alot more people done the same as me than I imaged. That Omega is a stunner you need to get some wear out of that. The Oris is a little beauty it's the first edition with the big 12,3,6 and 9 very well made and came on a nice strap to instead of a rattly bracelet haha.
  5. Yes I agree on the casebacks I think it makes it look cheap and certainly not a £650 watch safe to say, especially especially the bracelet rattle also
  6. Qell after selling quite a few cheaper watches I treated myself to the Seiko Aplinist SPB117J1 it arrived and I didn't even try it on as soon as I opened the box i was immediately disappointed. Rattly bracelet and I hated the see thru case back in person just reminded me of an expensive Seiko 5. I sent it back and instead picked up a used Oris 65 which I must say I love it!! Any one else bought quite an expensive watch online for it to arrive and send it straight back?
  7. Definitely agree witba safe deposit box hidden in the wall somewhere sounds a little extreme but we'll worth it
  8. I saw that buddy I prefer the panda style dials though I think
  9. Hey guys, looking for a chronograph I'm torn between picking up the newmark chronograph or the Parnis Speedy, which one is the better buy do you think? Anyone have a Parnis Speedy on here that can give me any info would be great. Thanks
  10. Alot of info I think you've covered everything I need to know, cheers guys. Some nice looking watches to I wouldn't mind the chronograph version if I could find one on ebay have to keep my eyes peeled
  11. Thanks for the info I need to do some digging really. I think that's the model I have but the ivory dial with the blue hands, it was the blue hands that swung it for me but I was torn lol
  12. Thanks I will have a search see if I can find his pics I'm curious now lol
  13. Guy guys, recently acquired an unworn Newmark field watch, never really heard of them but seem very well made! Anyone have any experience with them at all as I'm curious? Only thing I'm not so keen on is the lack of date but I suppose it keeps it simple haha
  14. Avoid them there not amazing quality better off with a Tissot
  15. I do like the glamour but sounds like a girly name for a watch which puts me off a little although it probably shouldn't haha
  16. Thanks for the pics Bricey it's actually not as thick as I thought it must be the stock pics from the side make it look overall thick.
  17. Haha love the opinions I'm surprised Tudor hasn't got more love
  18. Haha I did like the ranger if I'm honest. The black bay is also one of my favourites
  19. The new Tudor Royal looks amazing, what do you guys think? I would love then38mm blue dial version when the prices come down on the used market I need to start saving I think
  20. I've always fancied one but never got round to owning one, they look a little thick on some pics though
  21. Love that white dial with the blue bezel...stunning!!
  22. Awesome watch always liked a ball but never got round to owning one. Enjoy!!
  23. I do like the new vintage inspired models but I am just trying out a few old cheaper models at the moment, I have a tradition electronic I bought off my mate and it works perfectly not huge at 35mm but wears nicely enough I think that’s what started the vintage fad for me Haha I never thought of that actually guess watches go pretty much everywhere
  24. Sad to hear that, maybe a independent watchmaker it could be a cheap fix?
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