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  1. I ordered a Tissot chronograph off Amazon and had to send it back as it was a fake. This looks legit from the pics I can see but as been mentioned check the movement against online pics of it has a display back
  2. Wow that’s a crazy price increase isn’t it!!
  3. I noticed prices going up I remember 10 years ago a Oris pointer date was around £800 new now there double
  4. Well I thought i would treat myself last week to a new toy well used but new to me. Its a 2014 Cartier Tank Solo XL, here’s a quick pic I took last week when I got it, to be honest I know some of you will think I have ruined it but it’s now on a vintage style brown and black NATO so it dresses it down abit. I’m still smiling https://postimg.cc/jWtMBL1m
  5. Very nice style but I wouldn’t pay more than around £60 I don’t think, wait a few months and check eBay haha
  6. Very nice!! I keep eyeing these up in the diver style version bu my not yet pulled the trigger
  7. Some are crazy money I must admit but well worth the money as they are built amazingly
  8. Wow that Casio looks crazy haha. Have to be a Sinn or Longines for me I think
  9. Some stunning watchers here, unfortunately I have no pics of my old watches but there was many I now regret selling namely a Rolex Explorer 2 with the white dial
  10. Thanks for the input guys. The price I was offered was £995 is that a good deal do you think? Love that captain cool looks fantastic
  11. Hey guys been offered a fairly good deal on a brand new Rado Diamaster Automatic Ceramic and titanium which is just under half the retail price of £2230. Looks amazing and comes unworn in the box with the full set. What are ceramic watches like to wear for day to day use any concern about them getting chipped if it gets the odd knock although I do try and be careful with my watches? Is there any love for Rado watches 9on here?
  12. I had a couple around 10 years ago bought when they were on sale. Bargain for the price I paid but very big and heavy which put me off unfortunately
  13. Thanks guys Thank you that’s a big help I’m useless at stuff like that
  14. I have no info about it but it’s very nice and definitely unusual!!
  15. Thanks for that how the hell did you do that haha? Thanks guys, always been a Constellation fan nice size and as you say very underrated and doesn’t stand out like a datejust
  16. Oh no, I’m new to all this imagine hosting. There should be 3 links? Should be fixed now thanks for the heads up
  17. Well I am pleased to say this arrived this morning and it’s a little beauty I’m one happy bunny https://ibb.co/bz1qR5K https://ibb.co/9sPgczQ https://ibb.co/k2CN866
  18. Some bargains to be had but I’ve just ordered a new toy yesterday so no can do I’m afraid
  19. For me probably Sekonda as they have a history and are pretty cheap watches
  20. Interesting points here, I always remove them to try and save as much value as I can when I come to sell but I appreciate the point of the designer actually putting a lot of effort into designing a strap for a specific watch
  21. Hey guys, quick question that I often do is when I buy a new watch or a used mint one I take off the original strap to keep it in as new condition and for an aftermarket leather or NATO that I don’t mind sweating on. Does anyone else immediately take off their original strap and swap for an aftermarket one to save the original strap?
  22. Hey guys, picked up a stunning Swiss made Montegrappa Watch in the sale at TK maxx and it’s very well made but I can’t find online any hint of who makes their watches. Does anyone know who manufactures them?
  23. Well I didn’t order anything before lockdown but popped into tk Maxx today and picked up an automatic Fossil for less than half price which was a bargain so happy days
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