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  1. The obligatory wrist shot..............................
  2. I bought my SM300 at the end of 2011 after doing the research which resulted in my post.................. http://forum.tz-uk.com/showthread.ph...litary-watches Although I have the original 1039/516 bracelet I have never used it as I am not a fan of the older Omega bracelets - too flimsy and the end pieces never seem to fit tightly. I have always worn my SM300 on a black leather Omega strap but recently fancied a change. I do have an Omega bracelet which I like - a NOS Omega 1181/215 bracelet which has been sitting in my parts box for around 10 years. Problem was that I didn't know if 633 end pieces would fit and also the last link width is 23mm whilst the SM300 is 20mm. Google images of 1181/215 bracelets........... https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=om...FYnbGgod6QsKvA I decided to buy a new 1171 with 633 end links and if the end links did not fit the 1181/215 would give the 1171 a go. The thinking was that a new end link would give a better fit than a used and bent one. When the 1171 arrived I soon established that the 633 end link would be a perfect fit. I removed of the wider links from the 1181/215 until the end links matched the width of the 633 end piece. This is the end result.......... I think the bracelet suits the SM300 and it is comfortable too. If you are tempted to have a go consider the following........................ One of the problems with removing the wider links is that the bracelet becomes much shorter. This was fine in my case as I have smallish wrists but could be a problem for a larger wrist. Another potential problem is that due to the Oyster style links being quite long it may be difficult to get the clasp centred on your wrist - luckily it worked out OK for me. The 1171 bracelet remained unused and still in its sealed pack - currently listed in Sales Corner Check listing: http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/96999-newunused-omega-1171-bracelet-in-sealed-pack-for-speedmaster-or-seamaster/ but could end up in my spares box for another project if no interest.
  3. I recently had a couple of SM300s built for me by STS - http://www.thewatchf...showtopic=75481 At my request they changed the large screw down crown to a flat non screw crown similar to the original 1960s SM300. I have been asked by a forum member what is involved in the crown change so following is my layman's non technical description. First job is to remove the existing crown tube in the case which I believe has to be drilled out ! Not something I would like to do on a brand new case and I believe the 'boss' at STS is the only one there who does this. Next a new case tube is fitted which I understand is an interference fit so must need a press or similar to install. When STS built the first one (non date) they used the Omega recommended case tube for a SM300 case but on the date version used a tube from another Omega model as this was a better/easier fit. Sorry I don't have any part numbers but I'm sure some of the SM300 experts on the forum will know what they are.
  4. Snap ........wore exactly the same model but on a mesh in 1973 and still have it.
  5. It does Jack I've seen a few Manhattans that have been restored and converted to use DKNY modules. I don't know how easy it is though or if any alterations are needed. Cheers, Gary Thanks Gary but the DKNY 'Manhattan' copies seem to have vanished completely - cannot find any reference to them at all and certainly none on ebay - strange. Regards, Jack
  6. I have just remembered that DKNY did a copy of this watch in around 2007/2008 but cannot find anything on line. Just a long shot but maybe their module will fit.
  7. I have the chance of buying a 1978 Heuer Manhattan Chronosplit GMT in NOS condition. Now I have had a few of these over the years and it is always the LCD display that fails which is what has happened to the one I have been offered. A few years back I sold one to a collector in Germany who managed to get the LCD display repaired within a few days. As it is few years since I had my last Manhattan and things have moved on in the LCD collecting world I am wondering if any of you guys know if/where these can be repaired? Thanks, Jack
  8. Ventura Sparc currently for sale - for full information and more pics click on link: http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=70558
  9. As requested some shots of my SM120 now on its way to a new owner.
  10. Just to add to this discussion.............I have seen a watch which was introduced by Omega in 1970 but had a 1969 serial no. on the movement. Watch could have been made in 1969 in advance of the launch but would not have appeared in any catalogues or literature until 1970. Is this watch a 1969 or 1970 and how should it be viewed by anyone looking for birth year watch? Jack
  11. Roger The Omega movement serial number reflects the year(s) the movement was made. I was interested in whether the movement was made the same year as the watch was sold. If you have it serviced sometime, have them record the SN for you. :) Later, William Hello William, I also have a 920 Chronostop on a mesh which I bought new in 1971. The serial number on my movement is for 1969. Regards, Jack
  12. "hi looks very well made all the best woody77". Hello woody77 - yes build quality is the tops - see full details in Sales Corner. Regards, Jack
  13. Great topic guys. Please have a look at my Braun LCD watch website - www.braunlcdwatches.com
  14. My Ventura Sparc WX12L - this watch will be going onto sales corner later today.
  15. May sound obvious but clean up the contacts and make sure batteries are in the correct way round.
  16. I've certainly noticed this with Omega/Bienne restoration prices over the last 12 months. Omega costs have remained the same - no increases at all but the price I am paying has risen quite a bit. The poor exchange rate also means an increased bank charge on my debit card payment.
  17. I'm not 100% sure but I think the BMW watch was regular stainless steel not Durinox. I have a Sparc PX W11S which is regular stainless steel and a couple of Spark RX W12 models which have a Durinox a finish. The Durinox finish is visually slightly softer looking than stainless steel.
  18. The Ventura Watch Company - some background information. Ventura introduced the world’s first automatic digital watch in 2000 when they introduced the revolutionary movement VEN_99 which has no battery but utilises wrist-movements to drive a micro-generator that produces the required electrical energy. This system is not a mere combination of a Kinetic-type movement with a digital display. It is very complex processor software with a revolutionary energy management, which ensures that the SPARC does not run short of power. Worn on the wrist, the owner’s movements produce ample electricity; a motion-sensor detects if the watch remains still for more than an hour, in which case it goes to a sleep mode. In sleep, an accumulator retains energy for more than two months without losing the time. For longer periods, the watch can be switched off altogether by pulling the crown, in which case enough energy is kept stored to run the watch even after five years. Hannes Wettstein was commissioned to design a contemporary watch and Ventura developed and manufactured their own movements making them the only Swiss watch electronics manufacturer. The font for the numerals on the electronic displays was created in conjunction with Adrian Frutiger, the founder of modern typography. All Ventura's watches are handmade with the same attention to detail, precision and quality that have earned the Swiss watch making industry its worldwide reputation. Ventura set the pace for innovation with the first automatic digital watch and in addition to stainless steel uses materials used such as Durinox which is superior to regular steel whereby the metal is nitrogen hardened to 1,300 HV, which is equivalent to the hardness of sapphire which renders the steel to be scratch resistant and gives every Ventura watch an unmatched longevity.
  19. As a long term Ventura digital fan and one time 'Z' owner I can confirm that in my opinion they are worth it. Quality is just s-u-p-e-r-b and equal to any other and I mean any other brand. For full details see www.ventura.ch Although the 'Z' has gone I do have three other Ventura digitals so may be just a little prejudiced :thumbup: .
  20. Hello Robert and I hope all is OK with you. As stated the 384 and 392 have the same physical size. The 384 is for use in low drain watches ie. just a watch function analogue or digital. The 392 is for high drain ie. watch plus an alarm or a light (some digital watches) or both. A 392 should work fine in a watch designed for a 384 but battery life will be short the other way round. Putting a battery in the wrong way round should not cause any damage - well it never has in my 13 years experience with battery watches. Hope this helps, regards, Jack
  21. I believe they will only offer one type of crytal but it is worth asking them.
  22. Quite a tidy watch for it's age and there is nothing there that cannot be sorted. Case refinishing as sunburst no problem by Bienne and I'm sure they will take out most if not all the dents and marks. The case back will come up pretty good too or you could just go for a new one at extra cost. New clasp and new crystal again no problem but you will have to decide if you want to keep the original dial, inner bezel and hands or go for new ones. Crystal, crowns, pushers and hands will be included in the service cost but the dial and inner bezel will be extra if you decide to change. Happy to give you some pointers regarding posting, customs documents and your instructions to Omega but would need your email address unless you want to wait until you have 50 posts. By the way, your father was a very fortunate teenage student to get this watch as a gift!
  23. Hello tomah and welcome to RLT. The guys on this forum are a friendly bunch but we do like a bit of participation form new members. Maybe that's why you have not had a response to your last posting regarding contact details. It would be great if you could post some pics of the watch in its current condition as we would all like to share the before and after pictures. Useful too if you have original boxes and documentation that you could photograph and share. If the finishing of the case is an important part of the restoration for you then you have to send it to Bienne. There is no other choice and sending it yourself direct is better than going through a third party - even Swatch UK. I have had a number of watches restored at Bienne including 2 Flightmasters so have experienced the Bienne factor. For your information the contact details are: Tel: 0041 32 343 9561 Fax: 0041 32 343 9855 email: aftersales@omega.ch You can't use the PM system until you have 50 posts but if you are willing to post your email address I am happy to give you some pointers about how to go about it. You will learn a lot on this forum so it's worth taking the time to participate. Regards, Jack
  24. Lovely watches and as you say subtle. I have been flying the Braun flag for years - have a look at my website: www.braunlcdwatches.com
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