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  1. It's certainly unusual, but I love it.
  2. Both these have been on my hit list for some time, but patience & perseverance has been rewarded Well pleased to have these in the collection.
  3. Just done a deal on this cracker (sellers pic) So the 756 will join my current Sinn line up of Taking into account the ones that have been and gone:- 757 x 2 656 U1 857 U2 144 GMT UX 155 956 that makes 14 Sinn's To say I like the brand is something of an understatement.
  4. Woke early & couldn't get back to sleep. Still this from last nights meal out. Which I know is too new for this thread, but I will be changing to this before setting off to watch England vs Wales in the 6 Nations Rugby at Twickenham
  5. The latest arrival now on a Hirsch Liberty with looks better than the bracelet IMHO
  6. This is my second O&W Mirage III, recently acquired from TZ-UK. Yet another watch that I've replaced after foolishly selling the first one I owned, these are superb value for money to my mind. As you can see it's on an after-market oyster at the moment. I'll probably wear the watch on a black Rallye in the long term.
  7. This weeks other incoming Great to have a 16600 back in the collection.
  8. New in this week so previous owners pics for now
  9. Might as well enjoy this, as it's not sold yet.
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