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  1. Thanks for the reassurance BarryW. I’ve been tightening it (and the crown) until it just stops so as not to over-tighten it, and I’ve had no problems. As you say, it’s more difficult to unscrew after it’s been left a while which is clearly why it seemed so tight when I first bought it.
  2. Unfortunately the jeweller had sold the other watch. Just gonna keep an eye on it. If it stays tight, then that's fine, but if I find it's loosened itself off, then I'll take it back. Many thanks!
  3. No problem mate......I actually got myself a little lost whilst posting with all the un/screwing. I've screwed it in as far as I can. It's actually quite difficult to get into as there's not much to grip onto. If I screw it in then immediately back out, it seems to unscrew very easily. If I screw it in then leave it for a while, it is a little harder to initially move it to unscrew, then it's nice and smooth as it should be. I'm probably concerning myself unnecessarily. I've watched a couple of reviews, and they all seem to show that the screw on the button does move quite easi
  4. Thanks for the reply gimli. Damaged in what way? The watch is brand new, and the screw works very smoothly and comes to a stop at both extremes, it's just that it seems really easy to unscrew. I've actually just had another look, and it seems that it is a little stiffer to unscrew after it's been left in the locked position for a little while, but when it's just been screwed down, it's very easy to unscrew. As a side note, I find it a little strange that the usage of the button is explained in the manual, but the screw down feature isn't.
  5. Hi all! Its been a long time since I've posted in here, and almost as long since I've purchased a new watch......unless you count the Apple Watch, which I suspect many don't. I spotted the Seiko SUN065 in the local jeweller the other day for what seemed like a bargain price of £345, so couldn't resist picking one up. When I got it, it seemed that the screw down power reserve button was fairly tight to initially move. Once it did though, it turned very smoothly. It still turns smoothly now, and works as it should in terms of locking and unlocking the button, but now, it doesn't
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  7. Thanks all for reading, and for the replies. I'm not going to quote, as it'll take far too long, so I'll just direct comments to the relevant poster :) @Kevin Glover Yes mate...clearly you're an idiot for believing the claims of the manufacturer (It should be noted, that I realise that xxxM is a measure of the pressure, and actual use at that depth isn't advised), but let me see if I can find a number for this guy so he can tell you himself ;) @VinceR Although I really do have a thing for watches, when it comes to the technical side, I am one of those normal folk. I use the terms Waterproo
  8. Hey all...it's been a while since I've posted, but I'm after a rant :) It's that time again......I need a new battery in my watch (Yes Zulu). Last time, I couldn't find anywhere local, so Roy kindly sorted it for me. I was told a few months ago about a place local, so I went down there today. The first question I asked was if he could waterproof the watch after he replaced the batteries. He proceeded to tell me that my watch isn't waterproof, as it too many points of entry for water. I of course argued that it is indeed waterproof to 100M. He again told me it wasn't, and if I took it to
  9. Excellent......Thanks very much Roy...I'll send it off on Monday. Cheers Neil
  10. The wife was going into town today, so I asked her to take my watch along for a new battery. Just had a phonecall from her to say that due to the waterproofing on the watch, they will have to send it off, and it'll be £37.99 Any ideas where I might get it done cheaper? Cheers Neil
  11. No problem at all mate Cheers Neil
  12. I had a conversation via email with Bjorn Kartomten, who I believe is one of the top guys at Yes. Basically, it came down to them conceding that the watch wasn't particularly accurate at tide predictions, and deciding to change their website, and manuals to reflect this. Last time I checked, I could find no claims of a tide prediction function on their site. I have found that I can get a prediction to within around 30-45mins either way, if I use their method of taking the time halfway between moonrise and moonset, but then adding 3 hours. This works for me, though I haven't used the watch
  13. ...can't remember where i read about the 2 batteries, but this is one of the few products that I actually RTFM for, so maybe it was there Thanks for the advice mate...I'll have to make an extra trip into town this year......I normally only go once......for Christmas shopping Cheers Neil
  14. Well, it would seem that my lovely Yes Zulu is due for a new battery...the display dims when I activate the light...so I was wondering where people trust (other than themselves) to change batteries. Is it something my local jeweller (probably H.Samuell) can do, or is it a job for Roy? Also...I believe these watches have a battery for the digital display, and one for the analogue. Is it worth getting both changed whilst the back is off? All input appreciated Neil
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