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  1. My rarely worn Speedy FOIS seeing the light of day.
  2. This sadly neglected version is RLT69 / 005 on an army Green Howards nato which is the regiment my brother served in. We have the original receipt for this. Bought by a person in Skipton and sent to someone with the same name in Edinburgh.
  3. A little delayed, but here is a picture of RLT69 / 007 on an RAF nato. The colours are a bit washed out with my computer camera. The table runner in the background is closer to the colour at the bottom right next to my hand than that horrible pink.
  4. Alright alright !! I'll have a read on how to upload pics and get some later. As a teaser though RLT69 007 is a little different I believe with its sword hands and red second hand.
  5. I haven't been on here in ages and used to collect RLT watches, but as RLT69 007 is now sitting on my wrist I thought I'd pop in and say hello. I still have RLT Anniversary #1 which I very occasionally wear and an RLT TAG which is in regular use. RLT69 005 is also in my possession just now as it needs refurbishing, I bought this for my brother about 8 years ago to celebrate the birth of his daughter. I only hope he treats my niece better than he has this watch because its in a very poor state right now. RLT69 007 was 'lost' from my collection until I found an old watch box tucked awa
  6. Hi Simon, I have 2 RLT69's which I would like looking at. 1 is skipping when I wind it. Not a regular skip so I could wind it in one particular place on the wind and it would be ok, but an irregular. It does wind but something is not right so needs fixing. 2 is in need of a refurb. I gave this one to my brother who has managed to lose the crystal and the second hand and the dial is looking pretty grubby, so its looking pretty sorry for itself. Can you do this work or is this forum just for advice? Many thanks IanB
  7. I'm now of the 1% - but then people have been telling me I'm nuts for years! Whilst I don't bury my grails, they are a bloody site harder to find now than they were then. It was just something else to think about if you're collecting an expensive set of pieces. And what the eye doesn't see etc.
  8. Here is another angle for you to think about. I had most of my collection in a 4 watch winder which also held 10 more watches as a display cabinet. It was a bit noisy so I had it in the spare room and loved being able to see my collection when I went in. The burglars must have thought all their Christmases had come at once when they found it. i still have the winder box, it's in it's box in the loft.
  9. I have one of these. 1/20 Its worn occasionally but not often as I want to keep it nice. It does seem a bit odd that the creator should be buying back his own stuff. Odd but I like it :-)
  10. That looks really nice. I love my f300 hummer, though Mrs Barreti doesn't appreciate me leaving it on the bedside table. Noisy little bugger!
  11. Terrible news and you really have my sympathy, but it is worth sharing on forums as a warning to any other sellers because I doubt you will be the last person they try this with. Good luck with the insurers.
  12. Have you noticed there is a Megaquartz with amazing provenance on Sales Corner right now?
  13. Some really interesting things turning up here. The Russian ones are left field options I hadn't even considered, so thats another avenue opened up. Pauluspaolo, thanks for the offer but its not a quartz I am after. The watch won't be worn often so I don't want a dead battery every time I go for it. AVO, your Longines had us laughing at the coincidence. My wife is from Stoke and having done a quick search on Pidduck I showed her a picture of the store and asked if she had heard of it. She said all her mums jewellery came from there and she remembers it well. Memories eh. Keep them com
  14. Thats very generous of you scottswatches. And I am very sad to hear you had the UN taken from you because it is a lovely looking watch. I'll do some research along the lines you suggest and see what comes up. I'm unsure if size might be an issue as I have small wrists and a few small watches already, so I may well take up your kind offer of trying some for size.
  15. Thread Revival !! (I hope you don't mind me doing this Kevkojak) Guys, I'm looking for a dress watch, and my idea is to have something in gold as I have an IWC Portuguese in steel which covers the silver look quite nicely. I had hoped to find inspiration on this thread, but a lot of the picture links are broken. I seem to have a thing about white dials, so lets say I am after yellow gold, white dial. In fact that Ulysse Nardin fits the bill nicely, though I'm not specifically looking for a square/tank watch. Oddly, for a dress watch, I find complications such as moonphase or dat
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