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  1. Automatic on the dial gives it away!
  2. It's amazing how a bezel can change a watch. It already looked good before the change but even better now. Keep up the good work!
  3. Good luck with the test! The dial on the Omega is stunning.
  4. Brilliant Pictures , well done!
  5. Cant go wrong with that , and wait till you see the lume!
  6. As stated above , both very nice , Dont know what a Blue dial/bezel watch will look like on a Brown strap though?
  7. My first car was a Talbot Sunbeam rally car , And first watch was a Timex manual wind from the "Black" range...still got it.
  8. Looks good but is it a 22mm strap in 20mm lugs?
  9. Very Very nice , And rare!
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