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  1. Omega Bracelet number is 1116 - the end links are 548. I am looking for the complete bracelet or at least the end links.
  2. I am guessing, the same company made mine & the case back on the watch WRENCH found on eBay However the case shape is different and the bezel and the other one I had or have, was or is not a Sous Marine.
  3. There are many vintage dive watches but I have yet to find the same case... The case appears to be new old stock to me The bezel is bi-directional - doesn't seem to have a click... The inside of caseback says 80111 - nothing else Here is the top view... Here is a side view...
  4. I have been Googling and have not found my watch. I searched fleabay just now for yours WRENCH & spotted the white gloves.... Sorry to inform you, but that is not it. It's close but no cigar! The case & bezel are wrong. I guess I am going to have to offer up pics of the case later.
  5. I'm dying to know what make it is now WRENCH, but what's with the white gloves?
  6. Well done WRENCH but how did you get my watch? Now a pic frae the other side...
  7. Ok chaps, here's the thing... I am reasonably sure I used to have a watch with the same back... Hell, the truth be known, I may even still have it! However, I'll be damned if I can remember... The question then becomes... where is it? Scotland or Canada? And then of course which room? Which cabinet? Which drawer? Or which box? Which then of course begets the conundrum... Perhaps I may have too many watches? Ahh, but that little gem is for another day... I know SWAMBO is of the aforementioned train of thought but then SWAMBO thinks I have too many tools as well!!! Can you believe that?
  8. Seamaster Chrono got the nod for today...
  9. Looking a little better today andyclient Davey P Nigelp & scottswatches.... Not an Omega bracelet, the search is on for one, but I think it looks better. The wall doesn't seem to look so pronounced but there you have it....
  10. Thanks Davie, The issue with other bracelets/straps is that they will mostly all sit where this one does and still leave that large flat wall of a gap above.
  11. It wasn't really a "brave buy" at what I got it for, even sans caseback.... Definitely need a different bracelet though, or at least different end-links. This bracelet looks okay straight down but from the side it is clearly wrong...
  12. In answer to your earlier query Nigelp.. this is 100% in no way the original bracelet. I was just looking straight down at it earlier, excited to finally get to wear it. The first time I looked at it from the side I knew immediately it was not.
  13. Yep, agreed! Interesting looking watches. Just pop a grey one & a black one in the post to me. I'll "put em through the ringer" and then give you feedback on functionality, durability etc.
  14. Alas, and so it begins... now i need a bracelet for my 1968 Omega Seamaster Chronograph. Omega case reference is 145.016.68Requires 20mm end linksCase between lugs is slightly curved as you can see.
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