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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth Roger the Dodger! I don't know if responsible adults are thin around you Stueyx but...One things for sure... your wallet will be thin if you hang around this afore-mentioned slippery slope! Maybe an investment in some hobnail boots or spiked even might be an idea,...it's already too late for some of us... Oh yes, Welcome.
  2. I'd say it's a snap type. Some watches have a particular place on the case to use a case knife. You could look for such an indication around the edge possibly behind the 11:00 marker on the back. If there is no spot and there often isn't, just be careful when you use the case knife. Good luck.
  4. I found a link to a similar one on fleaBay - looks like it's a 1980 - I need a bracelet for mine...https://www.ebay.com/itm/1980S-ALL-O...wAAOSwQ9ldTCsW
  5. What does QTQ stamped in ink on the inside of a Timex quartz caseback signify? Does this indicate when made maybe?
  6. I'm thinking I'll have to ditch this struggling along on a lousy fixed pension retirement fiasco and get into Changing Watch Batteries for a living! Maybe I'd finally be able to pay off my mortgage!
  7. Hi Elaine, Pics would help... Also, having Leon Natalene on the dial does not necessarily mean that is the maker. That may just be a private label for the shop that sold the clock. Many sellers used to get their name put on the dial for clocks they were selling. The true maker may have his mark on the movement.
  8. There doesn't seem to be a cure I'm afraid...if that's what you're looking for...
  9. Congrats on your 10 year anniversary BlueKnight! I just realized I went by that milestone a year & a half ago myself...Funny, I would have sworn it had only been about 5 years maybe...
  10. Ebay is seldom of any help. Years ago, my brother sold a really nice Omega chrono on eBay. The buyer filed a not as described with eBay and said he would like to return it.. There had been many other bids so my brother figured he would sell it to the next bidder. The package came, my brother signed for it at the door & the driver left. He opened the package to find a cheap $5 watch. He contacted ebay but by the time he did the electronic record of delivery had registered and the buyer got his refund immediately. The crooked buyer got an Omega for free. eBay take on the situation was basically this... Sorry mate but you signed for it & did nothing.. If you ever sell on ebay and get a return, do not sign for any package until you inspect the contents...
  11. Maybe I'm wrong, but if I am reading it right, these cases are apparently only good for 5 years but the movement is good for 20. So, after 5 years your case is done and and you"re then supposed to spend 25% more for a new case. Then, 5 years later the same again and so on until after 20 years you've bought the watch again but by then the 20 year movement is apparently worn out. Seriously? Don't even get me started on the incomplete sub dials and chapter ring flaws... Most of my watches are 40+ years old some double that & still in the original cases....
  12. A 7002-700a is today's weapon of choice!
  13. New info... I now think this was made by Montilier one of several companies who made movements for Rolex back in the day...
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