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  1. Yes, Ben was strapped on over my dry suit...
  2. Back in the day, Ben (Capt Willard) and I went on many dives together including a night dive down to 135 ft in very cold water. Seiko 6105-8110 - WATER 150M RESIST
  3. Captain Willard (Benjamin L.) getting some PTSD wrist 'therapy' time today - Ben hasn't seen the light of day since heading up the river in May...
  4. Thought I'd partake in a little pre-Momentum SMX today...
  5. I think Sputnik had only 4 antennae - this has 6 However, that having been said...I have come back & looked at this so many times today.... - that is one neat watch! Thanks for showing it!
  6. A change of pace for me anyway... WWII era ?
  7. I'd grow weary of the Marvel offerings pretty quick. Now on the other hand, I might wear the Star Wars Luke Skywalker once I got rid of the leather strap with coloured stitching which looks cheap. & cheesy. However, both the Marvel & Sar Wars are over-priced for what they are...
  8. That's strange, I don't see your Shinola on the bay...
  9. Let me know how this new vocation works out for youKarrusel, I have some of those bits & bobs er 'watch tools' and maybe I'll start up too! I'm not located near you so won't be any competition....
  10. I certainly am no watchmaker but here's my take on buying cheap screwdrivers or other tools... If it breaks when you're using it (& they will) the screwdriver may slip and gouge the movement or even do other damage. If it is a tenner for the watch, then go ahead and use a cheap screwdriver... If you are working on a nice watch, use the best quality screwdriver tool you can afford...
  11. Rotundus is right, some tipex would make the Bvlgari wearable but as to the rest... Seriously?
  12. I found a Seiko insert on FleaBay that is close to the 37mm outside x 31mm inside that I need... It is 37.5 x 31mm I'm just not sure I would be able to reduce the outside by 0.5mm and still have it look good.
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