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  1. That's strange, I don't see your Shinola on the bay...
  2. Let me know how this new vocation works out for youKarrusel, I have some of those bits & bobs er 'watch tools' and maybe I'll start up too! I'm not located near you so won't be any competition....
  3. I certainly am no watchmaker but here's my take on buying cheap screwdrivers or other tools... If it breaks when you're using it (& they will) the screwdriver may slip and gouge the movement or even do other damage. If it is a tenner for the watch, then go ahead and use a cheap screwdriver... If you are working on a nice watch, use the best quality screwdriver tool you can afford...
  4. Rotundus is right, some tipex would make the Bvlgari wearable but as to the rest... Seriously?
  5. I found a Seiko insert on FleaBay that is close to the 37mm outside x 31mm inside that I need... It is 37.5 x 31mm I'm just not sure I would be able to reduce the outside by 0.5mm and still have it look good.
  6. I prefer no inscription but if there is one, I'd rather it was left on rather than polished off. If inscribed, it would be good to have some provenance - Who, Where, When & Why. I have a couple military watches that are inscribed and I think that adds to them...
  7. So, I keep coming back and looking at it...the middle top seems to be growing on me... However, having been a NAUI & PADI Certified Advanced diver for 50 odd years... here's my take on it... Sort the hands... the hour & minute hands are too close in size & shape. The second hand needs to be a little bolder, lose the dark red tip it's hard to notice. The bezel indices & the 15, 30 & 45 need to be, bolder/brighter as they look washed out to me. When I'm diving and I l@@k at my watch, I want it to be stand out, crystal clear & easy to read with no confusion. Visib
  8. I agree with Caller there should be more of a distinction between the hands.
  9. Spot on Biker! The top middle would be the one for me too, but the overall design seems to be bog standard l@@king... not 'stand out'...
  10. Welcome to the forum! Love the Breitling with the pushers just as they are!
  11. RoddyJB

    Song Titles Game

    Just One Look! Linda Ronstadt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOjCPXtlBac
  12. Cheers Always"watching" I just find it strange that I can't find any reference to another one...
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