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  1. While I would love to have a nice Breitling chronometer that dial just doesn't do anything for me. Apologies to all you Breitling fans, but personally, I think it looks gimmicky & cheap...
  2. Mine was a Bulova Spaceview. Not really sure if I'd can call it an accident I had seen them on line and coveted one for some time before taking the plunge. Won a nice one and it arrived in near mint condition ticking away nicely. I thought it looked awesome till I put it on my wrist. Took one look and removed it, sold it a week later as I knew it would never see wrist time. It just looked too small. Now Roger the Dodger 's Rolex Pepsi wud be seeing wrist time for sure if she were mine!
  3. There will be a wrench that will fit it but a universal tool like a Jaxa should open it easily. I'll post a pic of one of mine in a couple minutes. These come with different tips to accommodate different case backs but these are the tips you would use for your watch. This pic shows some of the various tips I'd try to get a genuine Swiss made one - I always avoid off-shore tools.
  4. I believe Baycrest was a private label brand used by The Bay, aka The Hudson's Bay Co. Without seeing pics of the movement it would be impossible to say who made it. The Bay could have had their Baycrest watches made by any of the Swiss makers. Eatons for example used to sell 'their own' watches but they were not made by Eatons. Many Eatons watches were made by Longines, Omega, Rolex & various other makers.
  5. I'm 6' 4" or at least I used to be..so I think i could wear it without it sticking out too much like a sore thumb. This is definitely the biggest "Pipe Dream" I ever had! But, I SO WANT ONE! -
  6. I agree, I'd want something that would be ready to go, not need the light of day to get going...:)
  7. An interesting read ALWAYS"WATCHING" . I know I have a Patria trench watch around here somewhere...
  8. Bit of 1980's vintage Timex Carriage with compass bezel fun for today... New old stock watch with finicky stem so setting time can be frustrating but then again. you'd only have to set it twice a year at the time change or when the battery dies I have another the same that the stem works fine on but the movement doesn't work...
  9. I've had what I had on my wrist start the odd conversation. It happens on & off. My Polerouter Sub occasionally gets a comment or two. My Bullhead as well & I've only worn it maybe 20 times. The first time was when wearing my Pogue back in the 80's which is what set this whole watch debacle off in the first place!
  10. Don't know if I'd call modding a sin... But personally with my watches I prefer to go au natural...
  11. So, here's my 5 cents worth... every independent watchmaker I've ever spoken to says Omega are better quality watches than Rolex. Still, having said that I'd like to be sporting a Rolex Submariner on my wrist once in a while... Then again a nice Omega Speedmaster would look great too...
  13. Can the mainspring in this movement be let down without removing the dial & hands?
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