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  1. Welcome to the forum Rick!
  2. This humble old girl today... Tudor Oyster Regent
  3. Hi, I believe it's an 11 1/2 ligne French Sefea 50 movement, originally made by Judex
  4. Looking for a Gustav Becker mantel/shelf movement to fit this dial mount configurationI found a correct working one on fleabay a while back but I FELL ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL and missed the end of the auction - it sold for $15... http://ihc185.infopop.cc/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifFrom center to center of winding hole is about 22mmThe bottom screw holes are at 20 minutes past and 20 minutes to but the top one is off-set slightly between 1 & 2 minutes past The 2nd pic is a GB movement which looks like it might work I can't find pics of the other one which looked like a better mvt ...
  5. No brainer for me, it would be the Grand Seiko. The main reason being the Rolex & Omega look to have an integrated bracelet/strap.
  6. "Weapon of Choice" for today...
  7. I love that "Flight Captain" The silver watch looks to be sporting a Langendorf 1022 movement circa 1945 so I don't think it is original to that case..
  8. Yes, Ben was strapped on over my dry suit...
  9. Back in the day, Ben (Capt Willard) and I went on many dives together including a night dive down to 135 ft in very cold water. Seiko 6105-8110 - WATER 150M RESIST
  10. Captain Willard (Benjamin L.) getting some PTSD wrist 'therapy' time today - Ben hasn't seen the light of day since heading up the river in May...
  11. Thought I'd partake in a little pre-Momentum SMX today...
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