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  1. I haven't had a chance to look yet Jeff but mine don't have the rotating bezel.
  2. Hi Jeff, I think I have one or two of those around here somewhere. I'll take a look. Cheers, Rod
  3. Thanks for the Accurist ad, a good laugh...
  4. I agree with Karrusel... The die you use with a case press must fit to the bezel & not touch the crystal. Just a heads up - many case backs have a notch on the inside rim that must be lined up over the winding stem when re-installing the back... Good luck.
  5. Yes for now. These Downy Woodpeckers just had lunch The one on the left is the Dad, he came first then left - The next two images are the Mum feeding the son... This Anna's on the left & Rufous Hummingbirds were at my kitchen window today
  6. Hi Biker & DJJazzyJeff Here's another smaller type of woodpecker who stops by more often. This one's a Northern Flicker
  7. This chap stopped by for lunch in my backyard yesterday...
  8. I have seen numerous watchmaker set-ups using dimmer switches too. There also are hand controlled rheostats available. Like this one suitable up to 300w https://www.ebay.com/itm/Variispeed-300W-Plug-In-Variable-Fan-Speed-Controller-Hydroponics/282813778605?hash=item41d903caad:g:uhEAAOSwI~taYIBk
  9. Colonel Pogue has the blues today...
  10. Hi Jet Jetski, Is it just me, or is your Shinola huge?
  11. Went for low profile Retro today...5.39mm
  12. First up Genuine Boley German made watchmaker's precision drill press / grinder / etc. Second up Same circa - watchmaker's Rounding Up or Topping Tool Thought I'd toss in a pic of 3 of my case knives...the 3 in the middle are the same ones just reversed & closed
  13. That way, I'll be able to join the Divex Owners Club...
  14. This Carriage" by Timex one just became a true beater. It came with some other watches. The second hand was floating around inside & my fingers & watch hands do not interact well. Though today, I gave putting the second hand back on a wee try. Then gave up and put a battery in & it's doing it's job...
  15. So, I was just thinking, I'll send you the £18 and you can just pop it in the post down to G66...
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