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  1. A little Battle Weary & Somewhat Battle Scarred ~ Capt Willard is being brought out of retirement for an early Saturday morning sortie up the river...
  2. By the overwhelming response, I guess I may have to consider donning the mask...
  3. I just posted in the wanted section for any Tudor 2483 & 2484 movements or parts there-of to rejuvenate a couple watches. Thought I might mention my quest here. Apparently the rotors are all that are useable on my movements. Any ideas on where to find such things without having to resort to bank robbery? Although I do currently have a mask...
  4. Looks like a bit of gimmicky Off-Shore junk to me... I like a watch I only have to glance at to tell the time! IMHO I can't imagine actually wanting to buy one, even if I could afford one! I would accept one as a gift though but then flog it without it ever getting any wrist time! Seriously, they must be smokin some serious sh!t at Uselyss Nardin.
  5. Hi Balaton1109, Thanks, it does look very close. I may have to remove the dial after all to be certain, hopefully without damaging the dial or the hands. Rod
  6. Hi Always"watching", As near as I can measure the movement while in the case it appears to be a 9 3/4 ligne size movement. Hi eezy I don't think it is an AM movement.
  7. There are some things to be aware of in your search for tools. Some of the older watchmaker tool manufacturers have closed and their names have been bought out by off-shore interests who now try to capitalize on the reputation of the name. VIGOR for example used to supply many great quality tools, case openers etc. but now they are made off-shore and poor quality. So a vintage Vigor case opener would be good quality but a new Vigor case knife is junk! I have used vintage Vigor tools but when I bought a new Vigor case knife, as soon as it came out of the box I knew it was junk. The seller just refunded instantly and I tossed the tool in the bin... I still think used top quality vintage tools is the least expensive in the long run and the safest way to go to avoid damaging your watch....
  8. Bergeon for sure, that's what I have. You can sometimes get them quite reasonably if you keep an eye out..I got a great deal on mine. I think it cost me $45. But there are other decent presses.
  9. As near as I can tell the hallmarks on the case date it to 1922 There are no other marks except Swiss Made Safety Barrel Sorry I can't do pics of the movement behind the dial, my hands & watch hands do not get along!
  10. Agreed DJJazzyJeff! DELUXE indeed! I am no watchmaker by any stretch of the imagination but I do know that using inferior 'off-shore' tools when working on your watch is a huge NO-NO! Poor quality tools will always fail at some point, and usually when they do it will be at the worst possible time and you end up damaging your watch. New high end tools can be pricey but there are always sets of vintage watchmaker tools on fleabay. You'll always be far better off with used top quality tools rather than new crappy tools!
  11. £16 for two spring-bars? He or she had to be wearing a mask and not the Covid-19 type!
  12. You bet yer a$$ she don't! Those Canada geese are a long way frae hame!
  13. FRIDAY DISASTER BLUES!! I decided today would be a JPS day but when I went to mount her, I discovered she was missing a pusher! Totally bummed!
  14. What are the ????-???? numbers/letters on the case back?
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