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  1. So, I have a simple & quick solution for you JayDeep Just pop that Bad Boy in the post to me and you'll never have to give it another thought... I'll happily listen to it hum & adjust the time as needed... No need for thanks, just trying to help a fellow member out in these troubled times -
  2. Not usually big on white dials but got this St Moritz the other day... .
  3. Sometimes if a watch gets magnetized that can cause it to run fast. Maybe try demagnetizing it and see if that slows it down,,,
  4. Welcome to the forum Rick!
  5. This humble old girl today... Tudor Oyster Regent
  6. Hi, I believe it's an 11 1/2 ligne French Sefea 50 movement, originally made by Judex
  7. Looking for a Gustav Becker mantel/shelf movement to fit this dial mount configurationI found a correct working one on fleabay a while back but I FELL ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL and missed the end of the auction - it sold for $15... http://ihc185.infopop.cc/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gifFrom center to center of winding hole is about 22mmThe bottom screw holes are at 20 minutes past and 20 minutes to but the top one is off-set slightly between 1 & 2 minutes past The 2nd pic is a GB movement which looks like it might work I can't find pics of the other one which looked like a better mvt ...
  8. No brainer for me, it would be the Grand Seiko. The main reason being the Rolex & Omega look to have an integrated bracelet/strap.
  9. "Weapon of Choice" for today...
  10. I love that "Flight Captain" The silver watch looks to be sporting a Langendorf 1022 movement circa 1945 so I don't think it is original to that case..
  11. Yes, Ben was strapped on over my dry suit...
  12. Back in the day, Ben (Capt Willard) and I went on many dives together including a night dive down to 135 ft in very cold water. Seiko 6105-8110 - WATER 150M RESIST
  13. Captain Willard (Benjamin L.) getting some PTSD wrist 'therapy' time today - Ben hasn't seen the light of day since heading up the river in May...
  14. Thought I'd partake in a little pre-Momentum SMX today...
  15. I think Sputnik had only 4 antennae - this has 6 However, that having been said...I have come back & looked at this so many times today.... - that is one neat watch! Thanks for showing it!
  16. I'd grow weary of the Marvel offerings pretty quick. Now on the other hand, I might wear the Star Wars Luke Skywalker once I got rid of the leather strap with coloured stitching which looks cheap. & cheesy. However, both the Marvel & Sar Wars are over-priced for what they are...
  17. That's strange, I don't see your Shinola on the bay...
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