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  1. Hi. If you are serious about wanting a waistcoat PM me. One of the (many) side effects of my Parkinsons is obsessive / compulsive behaviour. I have moved on from waistcoats and must have a dozen tucked away in my wardrobe, going to be donated to our local hospice - when I get round to it!
  2. May be urban myth that MuDu watches were smuggled into Britain and sold via the blackmarket in the immediate post war period. It was a time of severe restriction on any thing that classed as 'luxury' and swiss watches definitely fell into that category! So if you have a MuDu the chances are it was smuggled in. Could be a load of codswallop, but it would be nice if it's true.
  3. Thought I'd give the company a chance and fired off a couple of emails and then tried to contact them using the telephone number shown on their web site. Number would ring for a few seconds then go to message "the other person has cleared". Then I googled. Should have done this earlier. Got in touch with credit card company. MBNA call centre staff were very good (speaking and remaining 'on topic' when I get stressed is not easy). Apparently this is a well known subscription scam and the money will be refunded.
  4. Has anybody had any dealings with a USA site called Gladiator Flashlights ? I made the mistake of following through on what I thought was a heavily discounted torch. Turns out the downside is a 'members' subscription of about £9 a month and the discount seems to apply only if you purchase multiple units. Came to my senses after a couple of hours and cancelled the order - now all I need to do is locate the required form and submit it. This has the potential to be a laugh a minute !
  5. Hi A cheap and cheerful basic pocket watch produced in a Smiths/Ingersoll (and others) factory in south wales in quite considerable numbers. Production ran from post war to 60's (bit vague but somebody will be along shortly to give more correct information). The only real value of this watch will be sentimental. Julian
  6. This site is a good source of information about Molnija pocket watches : http://tuxgraphics.org/~guido/molnija-pocket-watch/
  7. Hi The movement is a Molnia 3602. It is one of a number of items bought by the Soviet Union to kick start their shattered economy after World War 2. Production began in Moscow Watch Factory Number (One or Two - take your pick, there is argument to support both) and was pretty much an exact replica of the Cortebert. In 1947 a second factory came on line in Chelyabinsk in the Urals as part of a complex dedicated to the needs of the Soviet armed forces The region was closed to foreigners until 1992. At some point the Moscow factory ceased production. In the1960's there were various
  8. Try with just a few key words and in different order. I used "watch French Taurus" in google. Good luck Julian
  9. Smiths started production of a cheap and robust design in 1947. The watch was marketed under various names e.g. Ingersoll. There is more info on this site www.smithswatches.com/pages/smiths-guide Basically a cheap and cheerful watch. There is a thriving market in 'character' dials where a standard (cheap) model has a forged 'special edition' (expensive) dial. Hope that helps Julian
  10. Hi, Welcome to the forum. The engraving on the back of the watch (FS) is for Italian State Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato ). As already suggested by dobra you will need to supply good,clear pictures of the movement. Spera is not a name I have encountered before. As to selling on this forum - please read the 'Introduce yourself' section on the home page. Julian
  11. Search the internet for ' Mondaine pocket watch '. Seems to meet most of your requirements. Good luck Julian
  12. Hi, The development of digital movements which were not only amazingly accurate but capable of doing several tasks that only a complex, and very expensive, mechanical chronograph could achieve. The seventies saw most of the smaller manufacturers go out of business. The really big players survived largely due to expensive cases and 'kudos' - bling rules the world (sharp intake of breath as some Rolex/Omega et al owners read this heresy). As you are French you might consider pocket watches made by Lip. The story of Lip and the valiant efforts to save it is well worth a bit of time
  13. Have you looked on ebay? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lot-of-3-NOS-Junghans-W085-00675-Anniversary-Carriage-Clock-QUARTZ-MOVEMENTS-/131799111048?hash=item1eafd6d588:g:h9MAAOSwIjNXJp80
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