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  1. I've got a Phospher and a Pebble, but if you can get hold of them, the Frank Gehry 'hand-writing' watches are also easy to read. One point you may want to consider is that the Pebble is an e-paper watch, as opposed to to the Phospher, which is e-ink, two very different technologies. And a word of warning where the Pebble is concerned, they are unserviceable, and as such have obsolescence built in as you'll never be able to replace the rechargeable battery. There's a lot of fun to be had though with designing your own watch faces for it. Check out my home-made Mickey Mouse face.
  2. I've a few. Their official licence watches are great value for money, just so long as you buy them second hand. And I've a frank ghery model, with a hand written face that you simply couldn't get anywhere else.
  3. I've got one of these, and as they're Bergeon, you know that the tools are nice quality, and of course spare blades are available for the tool holder. The only part which is really not 'up to scratch' is the magnify glass, but as I'm sure a lot of us (that are likely to carry this) also carry a loupe, it's not really an issue. Ofrei sell them at $148 and also carry the spares. This picture shows the tools a little clearer;
  4. Fantastic thread, thanks for posting what you have so far, and keep up the posting. :yes:
  5. Unbelievable, amazing watch. I've still got it, and still don't wear it. It's kind of hard to figure out what sort of Venue it's actually suitable for.
  6. Not so classic Mickey Mouse watch for me today; Pebble watch with brushed steel skin and custom Mickey Mouse face
  7. I've got the quartz world-timer;
  8. I've had mine a little while now, and wear it a lot for use with my Android phone. Thoughts are similar to above on quality of the strap, but I took it off and put a nice leather strap on it. :) The apps are begining to come through for it now. I use an app called pebbler that allows the phone to stay in mute mode when I'm wearing the Pebble, so I get the wrist buzz when notifications come up, handy in an office environment.
  9. To be fair, this is one of the friendlier forums I've ever been on. That doesn't mean mean that EVERYONE is friendly, as you may have already noticed. For what it's worth, I agree with your comment that a 50 post, post count is a pretty low level of qualification, but you have to start somewhere. In addition to the post count minimum, the board is also moderated well by the moderation team. I also agree with you that post-counts in general are really no measure of either involvement or knowledge. Don't allow your reception in this thread to put you off the forum, the place is a lot frien
  10. Oh well, there goes the forum :lol:
  11. Well, I may be early, but at least I made it this time :)
  12. I've already got the Kobo Glo. I've already owned a few of the Sony offerings (PRS-505, 600, 650 and T1) but the light up screen on the Glo far surpasses them all. And it's a little cheaper than the Kindle model, and it allows you to download books in the EPUB format from your local library.
  13. Definitely will be there. Looking forward to it :)
  14. I really like that, so much so that I've just been having a look at them myself. I quite like the look of the 'fly-back' alarm they do :)
  15. There is no way on earth that I'll be bringing Mrs Feenix. What she doesn't know won't hurt her :sweatdrop:
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