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  1. Im with you on the Clarks - 6 pairs of Desert Boots and counting for me! Get them at the outlet stores and even my cheap watches are worth more.
  2. Very nice. Like a good Yema! Wearing my (also slightly rough) Superman II today... On a nice khaki nato though, not the cushion obviously.
  3. :wub: Love this combo. After a swift battery change last night, back with the Tag for me.
  4. IceBlue, Breitling Aerospace is a cracking watch - looks great, what's the strap please?
  5. Thanks for the comments so far - ill have another (careful!) go with the case knife as per Wookie's post and if that doesnt work, off to town. If i do manage to get it off, ive got a small hand press that has worked ok in the past. Cheers Dan
  6. So the wife says to me her Tissot watch has stopped running - no problem, says i, simple battery change and all will be well. I reached for my trusty case knife and the swearing began! I cant get the back off at all, not even close! Its a small watch and so the opening to prise the back off is tiny and very slim and the knife just cant get any purchase, except to gouge the case back that is. :wallbash: Is there a better, smaller tool i should be using? Started trying to use one of my jewellers screwdrivers but promptly stopped that as a very bad idea! Pics : Sorry the pi
  7. NIcely done that man, anyone would think you were a field engineer..................! :thumbup:
  8. Maybe but nowhere near as quick, they were more of a cruiser :) That can be sorted...... Id love a S/C motor, id REALLY love a S/C V8!
  9. Much more of a sleeper than an "M" http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1996-P-Reg-BMW-540i-/251520648102?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3a8fcc83a6
  10. I have a 7002 and a SKX007, both of which are great, but if money were no object it would be a 6105-8000 (i prefer this one to the more asymmetrical 8110) : and a 6215 (gilt dials are so cool!) Back in the real world, id be very happy with a Tuna or Sumo.... (Both pics nicked off the internet)
  11. Is that my watch on the screen? It does look like it, doesnt it! Sorry, i didnt give you background credits - if i keep quoting, your watch and wrist will keep disappearing into the distance like one of these...... http://s1005.photobu...232017.gif.html (Thanks to Roger for the head spin!)
  12. Love this! Blingy gold Vostok on a comfy perlon here today.
  13. Latest arrival for me - Gold tone Boctok Komanderskie (i think!!). Nice and comfy on a brown perlon with matching gold buckle.
  14. No probs - good luck!! Also, keep the laptop handy, having pics of what you are trying to do is handy.....
  15. This was the scene whilst fixing the Yema...
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