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  1. My original plan was to wear it as a beater whilst on holiday, but its too nice for that!
  2. For £25 I couldn't say no!
  3. Really sad story, hope they get it back!
  4. Nothing too low for me (I am a cheapskate). Last purchase was a £25 Bulova from Roy (which is very nice), but I also have a few retro looking digital Casios (around £15) which I like and wear. Upper limit is, Im afraid, dicated by disposable income. At the moment I cant justfy any more than a couple of 100 quid, but if money was no (or little) object then a couple of grand.
  5. Thanks Roy for the speedy delivery on this: bulova-bulova-98b260-gents-black-silicone-strap-watch-p6578-18314_medium[1]-800x800.jpg Just a nice budget watch to wear on holiday. Delivered to my house less than 24 hours after ordering it. Great service as always. Watch looks great in the flesh and the replacement strap really suits it. Would have posted my own picture but need to learn how to do it. Roy even set the date and time!
  6. revilo

    Seiko Ufo

    Nice watch - the strap adds to it as well
  7. The straps arrived today - thanks for getting them out so quickly after your illness. I have send you an email about something though. cheers revilo :)
  8. No worries Roy, and hope your feeling better. I wasn't trying to hurry you anyway. I was just getting excited at receiving something through the post. I really am like a small child.
  9. Thanks, im just getting excited to mess around with a load of my russians
  10. Roy (or anyone else who knows), do you only post your items on certain days of the week. Ordered five straps a couple of days again and just trying to estimate when I might get them. No rush. just interested to know! :thumbup:
  11. Think I'll wear mine today, nice Friday watch
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