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  1. DMP

    Best Photo

    recently spend some time at my dads place up in Queensland, came back with these: Rainbow Lorikeets: Scaly-breasted Lorikeets: All shots taken with a Sony SLT-a55 camera and Sony 70-200mm/f2.8 lens
  2. DMP

    Best Photo

    OK...I suspect I'm going to look a complete numpty here, but did the the moon really appear that big at the time, or was it photoshopped in? I've often seen pics of the moon looking huge, but perhaps that only occurs in certain locations around the world...I've never seen it appear like that in the UK....Whatever, it's still a stunning pic. :notworthy: Roger, the shot was taken in March this year when the moon was at it's closest point of approach to earth in about 20 years, the so-called "supermoon" phenomena, and at 300mm focal length (equiv to 450mm on a 35mm camera) which tends to make things look bigger than they actually are. I also cropped the original shot by about 40% which effectively enlarged the moon in proportion to the final framing of the photo. Cheers Dave
  3. DMP

    Best Photo

    Thanks for the comments gents. The photo was taken with a Sony DSLT-A55 camera and Sigma 75-300 APO lens. Settings were ISO100, FL 300mm, -1EV, f/14, 1/50sec. Post-processed in Aperture 3 & CameraBag
  4. DMP

    Best Photo

    I don't regard this as my best, but it is one that seems to get a lot of comment: "Moonrise"
  5. Just a case of different strokes for different folks, Mac. I love how modern technology puts the world in my hand (and allows me to read 2 or 3 books simultaneously as is often my wont), but I also understand that many shake their heads and wonder why we "need" all these ubiquitous and pesky gadgets! :cheers:
  6. There is a Kindle app for both the iPhone & iPad, both of which keep track of where you're up to so you can (as I do) switch from Kindle to iPad to iPhone reading as required. You can't access the Kindle store through these apps due to Apple's policy on these things however, but as both IOS devices easily access the 'net, the alternative method of purchasing books directly through the Amazon website is simple enough.
  7. iPhone apps? don't get me started.... :rolleyes: Airport utility, Battery Boost (highly recommend), Facebook, Find my iPhone, GarageBand, Exoplanet, Google Earth, iBooks, Kindle, Living Earth, Remote, Solar Walk, Tunein Radio, Twitter, XE Currency, BeFunky Photography, 360 Panorama, CNET Australia, eBay, Instagram, iTorcia, Photobuddy, Shazam, WaterMyPhoto, Angry Birds+Rio+Seasons (I'm an addict...), Zombie gunship, Temple Run, Tiny Wings, Splinter Cell, Modern Combat, Apple Store, various Oz bank & retailer-specific apps and local news service apps
  8. Excellent advice and thanks for posting! :thumbsup:
  9. From one Sony believer to another - nice gear you've got there Mr W! :cheers: Dave
  10. There are, and today's (Sunday) is the big one for us down here.... 2 fine matches yesterday and congrats to Wales and France for their wins!
  11. DMP

    Spring Down Under

    Thanks for the comments gents! All shots were taken with my Sony a55v using the following lenses: pic 1: Sony 55-200mm SAM pic 2 & 5: Sigma 70-300mm APO pics 3 & 4: Tamron 90mm Macro Cheers Dave
  12. New colour and life in the garden:
  13. DMP

    Bug Photos

    Spring has sprung down here and the bees are in the lavender: Sony A700, Tamron 90mm/f2.8 Macro
  14. Like that one and a good candidate for a NATO methinks
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