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  1. I like my LIP Dark Master re-issue. Timeless design by Roger Tallon and was way ahead of its age. Don't think I can afford the original from the 70s but I'm quite happy with this one.
  2. Ploprof But its worth my collection now, I don't mind though. It's the best watch! :thumbup:
  3. Thank you and Wishing you the same Roy! And all the members! Merry Christmas :rltb:
  4. PM'ed you. :) The one on bay might well be re-paint. And the dial color, Not really sure about that. I've got a similar one. Original chocolate brown dial. Compare and Notice the font size and an extra 'Geneve' just below Favre Leuba. Here is mine,
  5. Wow! Excellent watches everybody. Don natel, The Endura looks great! :wub:
  6. Concord has few models based on your requirement. But they're more class than a bit sporty Nixon. A search on bay for Concord might help you.
  7. My guess its a Rolex or a Tudor Prince?
  8. Fantastic watches and a very nice collection. Any chance for more pics of the unnamed World war watch?
  9. A Wooden table with a couple of watches placed on it? :blink:
  10. :rltb: Simply Love them! The Cadmium (transition element with atomic number 48) hands are simply superb. Even though the hands do not get corroded that easily..any reason why particularly Cadmium?
  11. Did not realize until i read this.. nice watch..and you are liking it ;)
  12. ^^ Yes Dave it is and i think it should :D
  13. Great watches in my opinion. here are mine..
  14. I must agree, its driving me nuts.. Why is the 'Dot'? Is the theory something like a '5' button on a mobile phone keypad and 'f' 'j' on the computer keyboard? Just in case, to be identified easily...
  15. Nice :lol: That is exactly what happens here in India. and i do not see any point why i should not follow it :D
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