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  1. Sometimes a lower priced watch can add variety to a collection as well as opening up a new avenue in your collection ethic
  2. I like that! .....What's the name/model ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Great looking watch, I just wish they would make them a little smaller, I think yours is 42mm?
  4. Tissot 24hr watch Sold on Ebay today, I did bid on it but I was way too low.
  5. New purchase. Vintage 1969 'Tissot Visodate Seastar PR 516' Vintage is the way to go (I think)
  6. On my movement under the rotor near the centre it is stamped SICURA 5A (possibly it says... SA) Probably the original movement? just bought in and fitted by KAMATZ... I'm guessing And yes that logo on the case back is exactly the same.
  7. I had a dig and could find very little, even tried Google translate when looking at a french forum, lol One watch on ebay at the moment which Im watching with interest
  8. Hi Some time ago I was given a bag of watches that belonged to my late brother-in-law, they have no sentimental value to me or my sister-in-law and are for me to do with what I please. I have already sold a 'Waltham' pocket watch (not working) and a 'Bostok' wrist watch all proceeds went to my sister-in-law. Now next up out of the bag is this Automatic 'KAMATZ' 'Rolex president' look alike (35mm), now I like this one which is odd as its gold and non military looking which is what I usually gravitate towards when it comes to watches. I'm wearing it as I type and I wore it out last Sunday and it looked very nice with a shirt and tie, (you get the picture) Good points It manually winds and the rotor spins freely, it keeps good time and the date advances as it should at midnight. Bad points Its a bit beat up although it looks a lot better to the naked eye than it does in the macro pictures. The date window seem to have something slightly obscuring the numbers. The Day at the top of the dial doesn't move at all and seems to be stuck not fully clicked round into the window. The lume is non existent. These are the questions I would like some help with 1. What the hell is it? (I think its French circa late 70's?) 2. Can it be repaired without too much expense? 3. Is it worth anything, is it collectible? (one on ebay for £350, cant be right can it?) At this point I'm thinking of keeping it for myself, because as I have said it strangely keeps finding its way onto my wrist :-) Thanks for any help you can give me (Oh and I'm not responsible for the butchering to the back of the lugs!)
  9. How about trying an Orient Ana-Dig VZ00-C0? Ive had two of these, stupidly sold one and had to buy another one. Really comfortable to wear and works for both smart and casual dress, you can pick them up for about £100ish. (Pic lifted from the net as all mine have disappeared somehow)
  10. Ive had one of these, looks very much in the style of the Omega Speedmaster. Citizen Oxy Chronograph - 'Speedmaster' (Ref:CT022) AN0880-57 Dimensions: Diameter 39mm across bezel Thickness 10mm Lug width 20mm
  11. Just bought one, cant wait to use it!!! Hmmm, now what shall I clean first.
  12. Do you have to use a special solution in it or is it just plain old water?
  13. That pink one would be great for one of my daughters, but not at that price :shocking:
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