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  1. Did you take it back to the shop and complain? I'm sure they're guaranteed against everything, forever :D
  2. The way I look at it is this. Swiss companies market their watches as divers, rugged, capable of taking on the high seas, abseiling down a mountain etc., and then polish up under a dinner suit and look like a jewel still and keep accurate time after the adventure. Guess what? 1. They wouldn't. 2. I wouldn't risk it. 3. A G Shock would do all the first lot and then you can pop on your dress watch for the dinner party. Honestly, I would never pretend a G Shock is collectible but I have 2 and have worn them doing everything I wanted and abused them to within an inch of their lives and they just shrug it it off. They have a place and I have ultimate respect for what they can do.
  3. Just found the last one lurking on the wrong shelf at my local Lidl. Have to say they're quite well made for £6.99. However it has an unfinished feel to it and will benefit from a bit of stain and some lining before use. The lid has a tough plastic window.
  4. Thanks for all the ideas. I must admit Seikos and Citizens were a new idea and I'd never really considered them as quality watches but that's purely ignorance not snobbery. I really like the look of the Grand Seikos but I think it'll take some saving. Despite lots of trawling I'm coming up with blank on a 1995 watch. I'm keeping an open mind and looking at all sorts and came across the Longines Heritage 1954. Looks like a quality, classic item and wondered what others thought?
  5. Thanks for all your input. Hmm budget? Considering that I'm looking at pre-owned I guess I'm looking at anything up to £1,500 maybe, but that can be flexible. I'd rather get the right item as (I assume) he'll keep it for a good few years. Nice ideas around the IWC, Seamaster and Explorer, but I'm very lucky to have those in my collection so wouldn't be very original. "A Tag model which doesn't look like a Tag." This was the direction I was heading but I'm not very familiar with TAGs so could do with some help. The Hamilton looks nice to though. I'm not sure I understand the comment on the Citizen/Seikos. Do you mean they've got month and year stamped on them? I've been browsing through lots of sites but I have to say buying something from cyberspace or eBay worries me.
  6. That's nice and a stunning picture too. Have you owned it from new? Something quite classically colonial that makes Hamilton quite appealing and an off piste alternative to the Swiss norm.
  7. My son is about to turn 18 and he's starting to show an interest in my watch collection. He hinted for a nice watch for his 18th so it started me thinking about a birth year model so he's got something relevant and memorable. I'm after some ideas on what everyone thinks might fit the bill. Nothing too flash, but something timeless enough to still look good in a few years. The only ideas I've come up with so far after a quick search is a Tag 6000 as I think they released a new model that year, but I've never been a huge fan of Tag's myself. Hopefully it'll be a good excuse for some of you to dig out some nice pics :notworthy:
  8. :good: :good: Impressive, quality collection and great photography. Servicing that lot must be like painting the Forth Bridge
  9. I've managed to crack the crystal on my G10 (CWC) quite badly whilst digging in the garden. The watch is fine but it's curtains for the crystal. Anyone know if these are toughened in any way or will any generic crystal do? Is there something tougher that won't crack to easily? Is it a specialist job or can I do it without a press?
  10. Powelly, Not sure how familiar you are with UK Law and the Sale of Goods Act so apologies if I'm teaching you to suck eggs. It doesn't matter diddly squat what Omega choose to print in their Warrantee, your contract is with the retailer. It's clear that they've sold you something that isn't 'Satisfactory Quality' and isn't 'Fit for Purpose'. I don't think any court would disagree that if you pay this much for a watch and the strap (which is after all an integral part of the product) fails immediately, it's a problem. Too often retailers try to hide behind the product warrantee but invariably the SOG Act is much stronger and the owness is on the Retailer to provide the remedy and not for you to worry what the manufacturers view on it is. Good luck!
  11. Long live the SD! Most stocks are now exhausted by I persevered and added this to my collection this week. Also added another AD to my list of 'cooperative' suppliers. Sorry for quality of the picture but I had to take it quick before the missus came home and spotted it. You know how it is ;)
  12. Thanks guys for all your input and advice. Also for pointers in where they might be available. A trip to Leeds is in order this week I think. :)
  13. Sorry if this is a fairly obvious question to those more in the know than me, but is the Seadweller dead? I read last year that Rolex were discontinuing it but I now see they have the Seadweller Deepsea which I assume is the replacement. Apart from size, and the fact that you can dive to the earth's core with the latter, what's the difference. Does anyone know if stocks of the old one are exhausted as my wrist probably hasn't got the bulk to carry the Deepsea and I wouldn't mind trying to track down new old stock of the last one. Thanks
  14. Hi. I live in York and can vouch also for Inglis. They have another branch in Leeds so with a bit of notice they ought to be able to get what you're after. Another shop in the area is Townsend's in Wetherby. They are a small Jeweller who specialises in Omega and are very knowledgeable and agreeable. Similarly they have another branch locally, Wakefield I think, so carry a fair stock between them.
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