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  1. don't focus too much on how high the bar is set by others - plenty of good food at cheaper restaurants
  2. Maybe take a look at Alpina - mine wears very well. Prices can be good in the sales especially if you look stateside
  3. Agree with this. Not that men must look macho but a bit of throw back doesn't really do much harm
  4. Morning highs of 29c here today and having mosquito door screens and blinds fitted to keep the buggers out. Hagd.
  5. I still regret selling my vanvan, would have been ideal down here The pic isn't my one but the colours were the same. I did move up-to a bigger bike as was "the way" but it's this little 125 which is my favourite. I made sure I carried forward my full bike license when it was swapped for a Spanish one. Donn't make them anymore
  6. It looks black on mine too unlike the second pic which is definitely more sunburst green
  7. Yes, impressive. I only have one solar Seiko and it frustrates me that I can't use a powerful light source to excite the lume
  8. Makes you wonder why it's been flipped multiple times and only 3 months old, especially as it looks great
  9. This morning walking the dog. Weather is a bit up and down at the moment but the orange and lemon groves are starting to blossom, air is getting heavier with their scent
  10. Longines has been on this week. Hagd especially any mums.
  11. interesting way to spend 8 minutes looking at watches offers food for thought.
  12. My late cousin did, a Dutton Phaeton in the 80's I think. He was a clever guy, spoke Russian, software programmer, restored and collected vintage pinball/ fruit machines. Eccentric and dead by 55 last year From memory it had a 1600cc ford engine, was geared for 0-90mph and was crazy quick and low on the road. He never built a second kit car, which is telling, instead buying off the shelf, normal stuff like Subaru.
  13. It's nice but I've read reports that on some of their divers the dial can have issues with alignment. Those issues seem to be present in the linked images. Sure the bezel hasn't been set properly but look at the lume markers at 5,6 and seven. They don't align with the second markers.
  14. Seiko SSC081P1 solar on a Pav strap, I left it on my PC desk a few days ago but my wife had put it back in the watch box, so it had to have some charge time today
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