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  1. Majestic are delivering today - some wine plus Calvados and Gin, shame that the only food they do is crisps.
  2. .... a 36 pint polypin
  3. I don't think the seller accurately described the piece. If he had of done you could have decided whether to buy it being more fully informed. Personally it's not the most interesting of inscriptions. I've seen a pocket watch in the past which had been awarded for an act of bravery when someone had fallen into a harbour and been rescued by the recipient. That said it records the gifting of a watch from a son to his father and in fairness the watch might not have been new when it was inscribed. I would probably not have bought but then I am not active in buying that kind of piece.
  4. It isn't always clear how a few companies can own multiple brands. For example SWATCH group own; Omega, Longines, certina, hamilton,Tissot, to name but a few. Bit like Volkswagen owning many different brands to suit budget. Also think about your son's wrist size, no idea whether he is a big lad with chunky wrists or a wee snip of a thing. Not sure where you are based but it has been mentioned one here that some retail villages such as Bicester have TAG outlets, we have a TAG boutique near us often selling at a discount. Some say you can haggle a good discount at authorised dealers so it's worth a punt though less likely on really popular models. The TAG is a great choice but if he/ you wanted the magic of an automatic movement for same kind of money another vote for the Longines hydroconquest auto (make sure it's the latest model) or if he want's a bit of change for something else as well maybe a Certina auto. The Longines will have a nice ceramic bezel whereas the Certina will be metal. If his birthday is a way off and you settle on a watch together - keep searching in google with the watch serial number as you might strike is lucky and find a good retailer with a flash sale - I did this with my Longines and bought online with 30% off RRP As others have said try and put as many on the wrist as possible to determine suitability/ comfort.
  5. I upgraded from the PS3 to Xbox one s just before Christmas - I was mainly using the PS3 as a bluray player and for 3d content with specs and even then we hadn't watched a 3d bluray for quite a while given most content streams through the TV. I wanted to play battlefield 5. I bought a new 32 inch monitor as my wife didn't like me playing on the TV in the lounge which was better for me given it's size and it's connected to a Yamaha AV receiver and 5.1 speakers. I have subscribed to EA and the microsoft services and downloaded a few "free" games which come with the subscription, mostly free for 3 months, but haven't used it as much as I thought.There's a surprise In multiplayer mode it can be frustrating given the hours the kids put into gaming - when I tried the MP out I spawned somewhere and took an immediate sniper round to the head. Lost interest in mp after that. Waste of money? probably not given the boxes aren't that dear any more.
  6. I might be wrong but aren't the tachymeter markings on the dial a little non functional without the ability to stop start the second hand based on what's being timed? I too like what you have done though - what might it retail at if it were in production?
  7. Fascinating, especially the movement pics. The design must be incremental, the mind boggles if it was sketched out from a blank sheet of paper
  8. Notwithstanding earlier responses you have to question the point of the Rolex outlet is if they don't have any men's watches at all. The inference being they just have women's watches? Everyone knows the only thing that sells at airports are these
  9. Too many incidents like this in my opinion. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8124907/surrey-train-stabbing-man-killed-picture-suspect/ You can obviously do what you like cos you are a tough guy
  10. Public transport is like public toilets - full of $hit. The programmes we see on TV where "ticket inspectors" stake out buses and trains catching people who haven't paid their fares, though I admit this might just be a London thing. Then if you include the odd persons assaulted, like those lesbian ladies, or killed, as recently happened with the guy from Surrey taking his son to a football match. No, public transport if for the; brave, stupid and those without a choice - I'll stick with my car thank you very much.
  11. I had a look for how big a wind generator might be for the sole purpose of charging an electric car overnight , assuming there is sufficient wind/ the car needed charging. The article I read recommended a 3.2m wind turbine which seems a little large. There were some assumptions regarding 12 or 15k miles which for many is way over the top. I think we do about 300-350 miles a month now in a petrol car. A 1.6 metre turbine if it ran silently and topped up might suffice, for 4-5k miles a year?, though I think the turbines themselves come in at many thousands of £'s.
  12. selling price £260 - I'm surprised by that to be honest.
  13. There appears to be on ebay 2nd hand 10 bids and upto £93 so far - maybe worth tracking the sale price? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hermle-Arched-Mahogany-Mantel-Clock-BY-FRANZ-HERMLE/333504972560?hash=item4da6720710:g:ap8AAOSwepleOVyP Personally I think it's desirable but there are plenty of low value alternatives out there and given it's losing a fair amount of time a service will be needed/ budgeted for. The actual case material will likely add or subtract to its desirability some kind of decent veneered fish will be better than a sprayed/ stained cheaper case. I paid £70 for a 40's mantel clock which was guaranteed for a year and had had a clean/ lubrication. Bought from a reputable local antique shop and picked up by me as I don't believe these travel too well. In terms of rarity - they still appear to be for sale and without a waiting list.
  14. I like my watches to make me smile. You know when you take a sneak peek at your wrist when no one is about, or you catch sight of it's reflection when passing a shop window
  15. Mind you it's similar on my older one too - IMG_20190804_134811407_HDR by David Wren, on Flickr
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