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  1. Must have, could have, should have. It's easier to determine if a watch is suitable when looking at it's features and whether they match your requirements list. Included in that list is how does it make you feel which is a very personal thing. Ultimately for almost all of us the purchase is likely to be cost boxed, even if the budgets vary considerably. Perhaps the tell of the tape is retention which helps differentiate from spontaneity and short term infatuation/ possession? There's room for us all to play
  2. Anything which makes us think about waste must be good even if as you say there is waste in it's production. Emma Thompson will probably take a 1st class flight across the world to be photographed buying one with a few loonies dressed as sad looking fish/ turtles etc. It remains an interesting watch because of the recycled plastic - nice buy and well done to Oris for the statement.
  3. My wrist is perhaps one of the least objectionable parts of my body. When it has a tasty looking watch sitting on it, it is possible, for a fleeting moment, to let the warmth of imagination flow
  4. If I had to this could do it for me, we've really bonded but I must remember to not wear it when I'm doing something where it could get scratched (furniture removal today)
  5. Looks good, cheeky bezel cut out for the month, does that count as a complication? Nice buy
  6. Quite specific but this, you know you like orange and seiko
  7. How about one of these? Price wise there are often sales/ initial purchase discount. https://www.meccanicheveneziane.it/products/nereide-o42mm-1302010j There was a time when you could get a chunky CW dive watch for low hundreds, albeit quartz, might be worth looking 2nd hand for a balance of affordability & features. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165048495291?hash=item266da82cbb:g:5Q8AAOSwM2hhDWdT I'm sure it has a fair way to go before it tops out, or has it?
  8. Where we live is essentially a bunch of houses/ apartments around a golf course. I've not played the course yet but a few of my neighbours have. Buggies are a must most of the time due to the heat and society days are the cheapest way to play. One of my neighbours from Ayr is an unpaid marshal, think he does about 10 hours a week, and he gets to play as much as he likes for "free". Annual fees are around Eur 2.5k but there are all sorts of offers to make it more affordable. This is one view of part of the course - plenty of olive and palm trees
  9. I quite liked the dynamic look of the accutron and it's spinning rotor in the opening few minutes of that linked video. Regarding watch investment there are those who make it their business and presumably turn a profit not just on the three brands mentioned in the video. Buy low sell high, all those watches from India at a tenner with the reworked dials must be turning a profit for someone.
  10. Someone on here received an Alpina sale watch from Ashfords a few years back and the strap was damaged beggars belief sending out a watch which is guaranteed not to delight the buyer. Just out of interest what was the courier box/ packaging like? Did it correspond in appearance to the internal packages or could it be the boxes were in that state before dispatch?
  11. since I stopped working the day/ date function is helpful - as I get older added complications such as; the year, reigning monarch, prime minister might come in useful if the doctor starts asking awkward questions
  12. White for me - not sure I could live with that strap on either options. Something about it grates. edit - I think it's the texture - looks like one of those disposable table cloths you sometimes see at bars if you choose to eat.
  13. Cunning plan - working on the calendar theme does anyone here have a 2021 calendar with a different watch each month? It could focus on the watch and changing seasons/ pursuits or just have a scantily clad lady with a watch - much like our own watches and lingerie interest thread.
  14. The one on the left has fared better in that pic but the green dialled one seems to absorb the light better with the crystal almost invisible. Motion carried
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