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  1. I see you have a hydroconquest and that should manage to line up. Not going to tell you what to do but I'd be thinking about getting it replaced. Looks like a nice watch otherwise
  2. out of interest how many clicks for a full rotation of the bezel? It really should line up. I have one watch with 60 clicks and it struggles to line up, almost like it's in between teeth.
  3. Hello operator, can you get me @JonnyOldBoy on the blower please ?
  4. Looks great - well done- I saw, after searching, it described as a possible future classic. I also saw a lume shot From Fratello article - can't but love the image.
  5. I've been very pleased with mine Its an old pic despite showing the 20th - which is why the time & day is out.
  6. I'm thinking about buying a Promaster NY0084-89E - which I think is the same as yours except it has a green bezel? Have you been pleased with it - is that the original strap or aftermarket. Cheers.
  7. A little off topic, I don't think this is available at Samuels but saw it on the Spanish Citizen site https://www.citizen.es/coleccion/of-action/AUTOMATICO/nh838x/nj0100-89l Looks about right for Eur 159.00
  8. Season salutations one and all & thanks to @Roy for hosting the site. 2021 will surely be the year we finally get flying cars
  9. Cracking day here today. Longines on the wrist and has been for the last week or two. Hagd.
  10. Very nice - likely a daft question but where is the rotor for the automatic movement?
  11. Took these today walking to my car. Looks like a praying mantis, 3-4 inches long maybe @Roger the Dodger It was looking at me in the second pic
  12. I don't mind a quartz watch or an auto - there you go not divisive at all My quartz watches are great to go to and normally wear straight from the box without major adjustment, maybe the date. That is until the batteries need changing but thankfully this is fairly infrequent. You can also generally buy the style/ brand of watch you like for less with a quartz movement and I've done just that on occasion.
  13. Certina today, highs of 26c and perfect sunshine here today hagd
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