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  1. I've looked in a jewellers in Barcelona before but that was when the exchange rate was a lot better. The watch I had been interested in had a quality issue so I didn't buy. In fairness as Jonny alludes to, unless it's tax free with a weak exchange rate its unlikely to be that tempting.
  2. Tell her to get out of your "shed" buy her a kitten and consider gifting a lobotomy for Christmas.
  3. I know its a bit in the detail but how is the thread supposed to be set in place? I suppose it isn't knotted - is it glued. How is Pawels set in place. I have one of his early straps on a seiko. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that it had worked loose on such a young watch. Meant to add the red stitching compliments the red details nicely.
  4. I think that's about right - when looking for a watch last week I had shortlisted a Certina quartz moonphase (true moonphase like what Yokel has ) an Alpina pilot auto and another Certina sports. I went for the sports/ diver as it's more rugged and on a ss strap, the other two being on leather. I always wear my watches in the shower etc., but if I'd bought one of the others it would have to come off. Collection wise I need a moonphase and perhaps a pilot but I went for another sports, queer that.
  5. not always but many would need to be popped into a shoe at the beach because it couldn't or shouldn't get wet.
  6. Society is a lot less formal these days. It's even okay to turn up at a funeral in shorts and a polo shirt. Given formal wear is rarely worn especially in many workplaces watches perhaps need to match the rest of the look. A slinky thin dress watch simply won't match many outfits.
  7. Fond memories, my Dad had packed our Granada estate ready for the French family holiday in the 80's, he was particular about packing a car boot and carving meat. As he closed the tailgate wearing the customary smug face, the rear window popped out - priceless!
  8. hens teeth or rocking horse $hit - dependent on your target market?
  9. I'm missing my daughter today - she's currently in Koh Samui on the latest leg of her Asian tour. I have a card from moonpig which features pictures of me flanked by Donald and Nigel in a pub setting, which made me chuckle.
  10. So an earlier post today provoked some interest for me on the jomashop website in the US. I've gone for swiss, quartz and new/ discontinued stock from the Swatch group. I've pre-paid duty and made use of their sale and a $20 discount code for signing up to the newsletter. I'll post pics when it arrives - it has a helium valve , a first for me, and is a chrono because I didn't want a second hand which missed the marks. Not terribly expensive or at the luxury end but I am excited. My one true concern at this time is the battery life as Certina state 2-5 years and my suspicion is that this model might have been on the shelf for a while. Let the wait commence It's this bad boy as I can't be bothered with any contrived suspense certina-ds-blue-ribbon-black-dial-men_s-chronograph-steel-watch-c0074171105100 by David Wren, on Flickr
  11. Not a hijack but Kev there are a number of good offers on that site - what should anyone expect to pay on excise duty from the States - there's a few nice Alpina and Certina on there.
  12. I'll get my broom if you can lift the carpet
  13. I have a good memory for the scene - oddly enough I couldn't find a clip in English and thought that provident given your German roots. If I am mistaken on that we shall brush it under the carpet
  14. I am not, given I'm fairly challenged by foreign languages
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