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  1. My wife likes peshwari - yeuch. nice little story @JonnyOldBoy
  2. We are off to the North again tomorrow for a week to have a holiday and look at houses. Northumberland and Cumbria. Also going to take in Vindolanda and Hexham again. Our rental cottage is on high'ish ground and looking north - hoping to get a good shot of the night sky maybe mid next week when the weather clears
  3. I did, on and off, saw the NZ's bat, then British gp, caught the last 15 overs of England's innings and the super over. Fantastic effort by Stokes and just a fag papers width between the two teams. Brilliant
  4. think i'd have one. In my mind bronze and diving/ dive watches works well.
  5. Couple of pics IMG-20190713-WA0002 by David Wren, on Flickr IMG-20190712-WA0001 by David Wren, on Flickr
  6. who's Jay Zedd? I don't like any of Richard Mille's stuff, from what I've seen. I doubt this will worry him
  7. where would we stand on rolex pepsi gmt vs tudor bb pepsi gmt - they are visually similar - is one a homage to the other? or is it just a case of how much you have to spend? Personally if something looked too similar to the point it was a near facsimile copy I'd feel a bit of a mug wearing it.
  8. My daughter is in Tokyo at the moment for the last leg of her Asian tour, she's been away since 13th April and home next Tuesday. Her whatsapp pics of Tokyo/ surrounding areas look good. My favourite was a little Japanese food place selling traditional kebas type stuff, she had pork tongue on one skewer, lol. Smoking is still allowed inside and she tells me everyone smokes there.
  9. Certina today IMG_20190713_135948449_HDR by David Wren, on Flickr I think those look great
  10. I don't know if quartz movements need lubricating but if its just a battery change all I'm missing is this. Might buy a pot before I change the batteries next.
  11. Welcome home. Didn't those hoodlums recognise the TC? Hope you had a good vacation
  12. Interesting video - how can the minute barrels have 1-9 on them confused I am.
  13. thanks for sharing - great collection.
  14. very pleasant looking pair - I quite like a two tone watch. Let us know how appreciative she was when the gift is given
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