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  1. Very nice! Appealing, to me at least, because it ticks a few boxes; blue dial, ss bracelet, moonphase, day date month & uncluttered. Hope it has normal lume....?
  2. It's a lump of watch but looks great on your wrist, all those years of ringing the servant bell? - enjoy
  3. go on, treat us to a wrist shot (with the watch on it)
  4. Maybe an orderly queue building as I too like it as it sounds a cheap diver with a pretty colour for a face added bonus for @Briceywatches are they're 2nd hand but aren't worn much.
  5. had to give this a dust down - it's been a while, hagd
  6. My nephew's watch arrived today - resized by CW Sellors and a good fit. He is pretty pleased with his first proper watch.
  7. there's something satisfying about that box and it's contents
  8. CW Sellors have a few on sale too. My sister just bought this for one of her boys for his 18th https://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/sale-watches/products/alpina-watch-startimer-pilot-chronograph-quartz-al-371nn4s6b
  9. Pretty light touch present wise in our house, mother in law and daughter couldn't travel without hassle/ risk so another quiet one. No urges watch wise at the moment, as I'm still in love with my Alpina startimer auto, nor any desire to to try and buy happiness during covid. Wife bought me a decent bottle of red which doesn't cost much here - monastrell grape from our local Jumilla area. Stay safe all Oh and I've been nice.
  10. Seasonal Salutations @yokelif that's oak panelling it looks beautiful. If it's not oak it still looks beautiful
  11. something a bit Alice in wonderland about that - looks interesting from multiple angles - enjoy.
  12. It's not too shabby weather wise here today, just a little windy. Alpina on the wrist still hagd
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