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  1. it's quite special isn't it, every year on your birthday with the date and day lined up. Like a time machine
  2. First impression when I saw these was they are effete. Though my late father in law wasn't afraid of a bit of colour especially when on holiday. I think the blue would look pretty good if you have a tan and are willing to front it out
  3. can they do anything about the scratches on the bezel insert whilst it's in? If indeed they are scratches. I've got to google Tudor starbucks now.
  4. These 3 are on my wrist the most - not much over £1k for all of them Seiko Monster on aftermarket Seiko rubber around £103 new plus strap cost Alpina startimer quartz chrono around £350 new Longines hydroconquest auto new at around £680 or so
  5. Don't get me wrong - I wasn't dissing your strap just saying that the metal bracelet isn't bad if you see a 2nd hand one maybe?
  6. cracking deal, I have a star timer on the metal bracelet which is very comfortable for me. Though mine is a small date model. enjoy
  7. There are owners on here I think, @Graham60 his examples always look pleasant enough but he is the master of photography They also sell them on jomashop stateside - some examples are quartz but others come with auto movements. Horses for courses
  8. I bought some fabric and filler, showed my sister in law a few pics of cushions and she knocked some up for me. She's pretty handy with her needlecraft
  9. Just had a look and it doesn't ship until December this year
  10. or at 36mm one of these - ebay link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bertucci-10112-A-1S-Field-Mens-Watch-Green-36mm-Stainless-Steel/184513090387?epid=2254502515
  11. I read recently that some of the watch merchant websites are going to take off the gender filters - leaving just watches. That watch looks fine for your boy, I mean child
  12. If a shop stocks Citizen then I'll have a look in their window each time I pass. The Citizen promaster range has some good value pieces offering quartz and auto. I'm a fan but not yet an owner.
  13. It's easy to go hunting for a new watch but sometimes the carousel of chance can spin up ideas. Some websites show you the item you've searched for, and this could be anything, and then they advertise "what others went on to buy" or "spend a little more and get". I suppose it's just marketing but it can feel as if you are being channelled down a certain pathway to spending more. One of the good things about this forum is that you get ideas from others, which often takes you off on a tangent considering options which might result in less spend but still delivering on the features you desire. Budget wise we all have limits but like I've said before there's something, in the watch world, to put a smile on everyone's face even if coin is in short supply. As an aside we went out for lunch today, you buy a drink they bring out a random item of tapas. If my wife wouldn't eat it I would, if I won't our lab will - no regrets
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