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  1. Viagra - it's small and blue and will likely make you stiff - I'm done now, honest. Enjoy Austria
  2. Impressive piece of metal, Deano, unlike the gear spigots on the heng long - I meant to replace my tracks and drive spigots to metal but never got around to it. Mine's in the loft now and has been for a couple of years Some of the Shermans in Bastogne act as painful reminders to the power of the German weaponry - clean holes punched through the armour - one has to feel for the poor buggers in those things
  3. My Alpina IMG_20190820_150251253_HDR by David Wren, on Flickr
  4. Dressed modestly in a cloth bonnet but secretly trimmed in leather
  5. Diane - dark & beautiful but sooner or later the numbers don't add up?
  6. That's good above - led me to think of Madonna with the boobies if you can find a bald friend with the roof down?
  7. How about Ayanna - given she is a small porka? (Thanks to the Daily Mail for the image from an article relating to small obese people)
  8. Suits you sir. I have been admiring Roger's new hobby from afar though I am more of a leather bracelet person. I was going to ask Roger if he makes leather bracelets? The march of the makers!
  9. My Grandad survived his service in Egypt during ww2. He enjoyed his war and found post war Britain quite boring. He never did find any love for the Germans, especially once they became wealthier than us. I fondly remember the time when a German couple accused him of stealing their sun hat on a beach in the south of France in the mid 80's. The German had a massive scar down his leg which looked like a wartime momento and his old frau sunbathed butt naked. My Grandad, a tall proud fully clothed old boy with swimming trunks worn high, didn't have their hat but called him a miserable old Kraut a few times. This British Army video is good. Different times.
  10. Now that @BlueKnight has commented, given he's a fly boy, can I suggest the Alpina range - they can come with an oversize crown if he finds himself in an unpressurised cabin, wearing gloves and needs to change the date Some pilot heritage and he might not outgrow the brand for a few years once he's earning, well, a lot. @bowie I bought mine from here; https://www.jomashop.com/alpina-watch-al-371bg4s6b.html It's dressy enough to wear out as well.
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