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  1. I think I might have a tickle on one of these. I'd want the metal strap and not fussed on cyclops or gmt.
  2. It's the Anglo Saxon in me. I love the idea of a great Hall where people gather and talk about all manner of $hite whilst drinking and eating. That said there is just one thing which is bothering me.......
  3. 16 bottles of wine and a birthday card, got ripped off on the card.
  4. I think what Nigel might be saying is that there are websites where fakes and faking are openly discussed. Some folks make their own and then buy boxes and papers. It is therefore not necessary to sully this forum and instead go off and view the specific sites. The only problem is linking a with b. I've seen these sites and been disturbed by the cottage industry/ matter of factness they project.
  5. There is IMHO much anxiety abound for folks buying watches which are prone to copying outside of the AD network. I would have thought considered and learned opinion from those with a view would be welcome both within and outwith our little community.
  6. I believe there is, have you seen him in Man on Fire older but of the same ilk Good film.
  7. You will look real pretty
  8. Rod Hull and Emu had a better act 50:50 split are you going to eat it? My Dad made me a full Red Indian headdress out of pheasant feathers when I was a child.
  9. @Nigelp well done - that would have annoyed me no end if it had been mine
  10. I like the artwork on the dial - have you ever tried that on mesh/ milanese? I think it would work, maybe
  11. This today - an old pic - HAGD and enjoy the sunshine
  12. It's a lovely thing. So very different.
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