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  1. At risk of sounding like a broken record, what's the box like? So many new Yema owners, being French they'll go on strike soon pushing up residuals
  2. I miss my UK postie, enjoy the watch
  3. It'll be on the wrist this afternoon when we go for a swim - for the record the watch itself isn't misrepresented the bad bit was the buying experience and box quality The SS and milanese suit a tanned wrist - 37c and sunny here today 10 kmph wind.
  4. Yes returns are offered but largely it's all good. Not perfect, see my comments, but good enough
  5. I think I showed her the watch before it was bought but it was bought as a thankyou for all she does using all my expertise TBH she doesn't hate it and I'm going to have to get her into rotation it's more a case she likes her current Certina. Thankfully the watch itself is very feminine and seems to meet spec plus the second hand does hit it's marks which is always a risk with quartz. I'm more miffed over the watch box, or lack of it, and the relative coldness/ transactional nature of a distance purchase.
  6. This was my first purchase from YEMA as I was looking for a dive type watch for my wife given we spend a fair amount of time in the water here, though not at any depth. With some help from this forum I settled on this new model from Yema which at the time of ordering was pre production with a delivery date by end of June with an order date a month before. The delivery schedule was pushed back to the end of July but after an attempt to cancel in mid July my order was despatched and delivered by DHL a few days later. The watch came with a slight discount against what is supposed to be the normal selling price. I paid around EUR 313. Normal selling price is EUR 349 and at both prices a white leather strap is included as a gift though the watch itself comes fitted on a milanese bracelet. First the watch box - it feels and looks a little cheap and I'm not sure how long the plastic zipper will last. There is an insert which retains the second strap and warranty card (2 years Intl). This isn't glued in very well and if you look at the back of the panel it again looks cheaply thrown together. At the purchase price a better quality box would have been welcome. The watch dimensions are; Diameter: 34 mm Thickness: 10.3 mm Lug: 16 mm The face looks darker in the flesh than the marketing pictures but that's okay. The watch itself I think has a 60 click bezel, a swiss ronda quartz movement, screw down crown and water resistance to a claimed 100m. The case and general finishing looks good and the lugs are drilled. Case back has a decorative anchor and is finished smoothly. Case back screws in. One issue is the strap length - my wife doesn't have huge wrists but the strap only really fits her at it's largest extension. I can probably see a few of these being returned because they simply won't fit. Maybe that's why they send out a secondary gifted leather strap which I haven't sized yet. The milanese strap does feel like a quality item with a decent thickness. Overall whilst the watch is quite pretty and looks well made it feels cheaply packaged and the buying experience wasn't the best. I am not sure I'd buy another watch from them given it's a distance purchase. Sadly my wife is a little cold to it and if it were a baby lamb I don't think it would be getting any milk from it's mother. I think @antjricehas one on order too and it would be interesting to get his thoughts.
  7. For me it would need to come on a metal strap - even if I decided then to put in on something else. For that reason the Oris would be off of my list. https://www.firstclasswatches.co.uk/certina-ds-ph200m-automatic-ceramic-bezel-mesh-bracelet-c0364071105001-p-58179/
  8. I had a ladies dive watch on order for my wife - I was going to cancel but they pushed back on that a little advising delivery was just a week or so away. The watch was delivered a few days ago about 7 weeks beyond the first delivery date. I keep meaning to post some pics. As advised above you can reach them on their webchat and they will confirm the latest position via email if you ask them. Not the best buying experience.
  9. The Longines question re the bezel has been posted before by another member. Personally I think its moody and at the time the seller in the UK was based in Walthamstow East London but there was also a German seller. They were always the quartz models. There is a dichotomy here in the sense that if you fake something why be so close and yet have a fundamental difference to give it away? All very moody.
  10. My new to me Alpina just need to adjust the strap, which I think is a pin and collar. Have a good day. It's mint thanks to @Craftycockney
  11. morning - quite a statement piece - what's the case size measurements pls?
  12. Crown assembly can put some off, I know it's not universal on their offerings but too "U Boat" for me.
  13. would you wear a chocolate diver
  14. I liked the watch as I like turquoise and the design, not normally a fan of the beads of rice straps but it works. Remarkably similar to the Doxa but, rightly or wrongly, its relatively commonplace for an iconic watch design to be imitated/ adopted.
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