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  1. Learning; "A little learning is a dangerous thing..." I'll get me coat
  2. Looking back I think I owned the one, but failed to realise it at the time A beautiful Okeah; I can't justify the price they are now, but definitely the one I miss most...
  3. waaaah! Money and spare time = buy things It'll have to be more cameras, then...
  4. My 181 cost £400, ex Austrian Army.. Machine gun mounts, LHD, combi lock handbrake. Matt black; great city car, even if you could never find it!
  5. And a '75 Jaguar, and a Fiat 127, and a Ford Orion..... A VW Type 181, loads of Type 2 campers..
  6. Hillman Imp Citroen GSA Pallas VW411LE Citroen Visa I can't go on.....
  7. Have them lubed; they often arrive as dry as a bone!
  8. I have a Seiko Prospex and need an extra strap link; does anybody know where I can find one? thanks
  9. That's from the Dustbowl Great Depression pictures by Dorothea Lange, I think. Some stunning work by the FS A photographers.
  10. A Hasselbald 500 ELM with 50mm Distagon, 80mm Planar and 150mm Sonnar lenses I've wanted one for 40 years and this year I realised that tempus fugit.. Oh, and a pair of BSA Ultras, a Webley Mk3, and a Brocock. I needed them.
  11. Anything with Peter Sellers... I laugh even before he starts to speak...
  12. AFU 64B My Ariel Leader; I loved that bike...
  13. I believe that the M-1 was originally envisaged to shoot the .276 of Pedersons design. An interesting round that predated the 'intermediate' rounds of the StG44 and AK47 after the war However, MacArthur, and the Army, having 150 million rounds of '06 left over from WW1, prevailed and the rifle was redesigned for 30-06 Which is why it holds only 8 rounds, as opposed to the 10 of .276 envisaged. And kicks like a mule. Now, where's the Bren?...
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