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  1. '50's Phenix, one of my favourite makers, but very elusive!
  2. I had one of them; wide bars/extended cables made it a cracking city speedway bike £25 I think it was
  3. Red VWs of a certain age were prone to this as I recall
  4. VYB 731 850cc Side valve Morris Traveller We went everywhere in that car....
  5. Learning; "A little learning is a dangerous thing..." I'll get me coat
  6. Looking back I think I owned the one, but failed to realise it at the time A beautiful Okeah; I can't justify the price they are now, but definitely the one I miss most...
  7. waaaah! Money and spare time = buy things It'll have to be more cameras, then...
  8. My 181 cost £400, ex Austrian Army.. Machine gun mounts, LHD, combi lock handbrake. Matt black; great city car, even if you could never find it!
  9. And a '75 Jaguar, and a Fiat 127, and a Ford Orion..... A VW Type 181, loads of Type 2 campers..
  10. Hillman Imp Citroen GSA Pallas VW411LE Citroen Visa I can't go on.....
  11. Have them lubed; they often arrive as dry as a bone!
  12. I have a Seiko Prospex and need an extra strap link; does anybody know where I can find one? thanks
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