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  1. Had this on all week, HAGWE all.
  2. Got this today, Tutima Flieger Grand Chronograph, 43mm dial, lovely thick black leather strap, hope you like it.
  3. I thought it looked really great on the bracelet, but that strap just seems to take it to a higher level, beautiful.
  4. Heres a couple that I took, more luck and quantity of photos taken rather than good management.
  5. Wearing this one today And then for a Elton John concert at Darlo on Saturday it will be a Breitling. Have a great weekend all.
  6. Longer than I thought, took picture boosted contrast in lightroom and resized in photobucket, puter running slow I think. Tad under 9 minutes
  7. Old faithful for me this weekend, have a great one all.
  8. I am wearing a Stowa airman. My wife is wearing the date Just I gave her.
  9. Hello all I am a new member so thought it good manners to introduce myself. I was born in Scarborough but know live in small cottage in the North Yorkshire village of Sutton Under Whitestonecliffe, I am 51 and interested in watch and penknife collecting, although not an expert in either, it is still nice to learn. I also like watching sport but gave up participating some 4 stone ago. I served 22 years with the British army and am still connected as a Non Regular Permanent staff member of a TA unit. Nice to be a part of this community. Here is my collection, hope you like them. Stoe Airman COSC. Sinn 656 Rolex Sea Dweller PRS-5 Breitling Avenger Seawolf And a Rolex Date Just that I gave to my new wife
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