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  1. Another thought: would you consider getting several lower-cost (say 200 pound) watches rather than one 1000 pound watch? Quite a few nice watches can be had for around the 100-200 pound mark... Think of the variety On the other hand, if I had a grand to spare I think I'd go scouting for a (genuine!) Rolex. In either case I hope you have fun finding the right watch for you!
  2. Given the amount of covert watch-buying that seems to occur, I'd suggest 'An Embarrassment of Watches' :D J.
  3. I'm intrigued by gaz64's aluminium tool case and pipe lagging idea... never occurred to me that it might be possible to make a decent case in that way. Would you mind posting a picture that shows what it looks like? Thanks, J.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I had a look on eBay and Amazon. Looks like Amazon have the best selection. Rapport boxes look super, but they seem to be really expensive! There's another brand on Amazon called Tech Swiss which look good and isn't too pricey. Thanks again for your help, J.
  5. Evening all! Apologies if this has already been answered in an older post (did a quick search and couldn't find one), but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good value watch box. My collection has slowly expanded and I now have about 7 (actually probably more like 10 - am starting to have to hide them !!), so I'd like a box with capacity for 15-20 watches, ideally around the 50 quid mark. Thanks for your help, Jonathan.
  6. Thanks for this thread folks, you put a big grin on my face on a muggy grey Friday :D I have a watch I'm not wearing today because it's in hiding from the missus at present (another 'under the radar' purchase!), no photos I'm afraid... PS: Mothman, what model of Aristo is that? I had a quick scan on some watch sites and couldn't find it. Thanks!
  7. Here's a first attempt at a photo of my chunky monkey: Am very happy with the watch. Now, what next.... :)
  8. Super collection! Your watch obsession made public :lol: Out of curiosity, where did you get the holders that each watch is mounted on? Jonathan.
  9. Folks, I've just been smitten by the Tissot Seven Automatic. Looks to me likely a really unusual shape and a nice uncomplicated style. I don't have a photo that I can put in here but I think it was made in the 1970's, and it's got a big chunky rectangular silver face. Question is, are they considered a good watch by you folks in the know, or is there something I should be aware of? I've done some searches and don't see much of a mention of them on the forums. They seem to pop up from time to time on the auction sites. Thanks in advance for any guidance (or random thoughts!) :) Jonathan.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome! My Seiko diver arrived this week. I'm delighted with it, but the worst part is that I'm realising I'm hooked on watches because I'm already thinking about what to get next :lol:
  11. Forgot to say: I didn't wear it for a day and it stopped - is that normal? Perhaps I don't wave my arms enough?!
  12. Thanks again for the advice. I will practice my best brandy-swilling watch-winding motion this weekend. Or perhaps I'll just try drinking some brandy :) I haven't attempted photographing a watch yet - might have a go at the weekend when I get a chance to read the advice on the photo section. Jonathan.
  13. Folks, thanks a million for the informative and very entertaining responses. I see I have a lot to learn!! :lol: Jonathan.
  14. Folks, Can anyone recommend a good reference site that provides explanations of basic watch terminology for newbies like myself. I'm thinking of a sort of 'Noddy and Big-ears' guide with pictures that explain the key terms (crown/bezel/jewel/caliber/etc). I've done some searches but haven't found anything suitable yet.. Thanks in advance for your help, Jonathan (proudly wearing his 6309 for the first time today!).
  15. Jonathon - Welcome to :rlt: - There are no stupid questions here - Everyone has something to learn - The 6309 is an automatic or self-winding movement so you need to move it for it to wind itself up - When using it after it stops I usually shake it gently for a minute or so but then just wearing it will wind it up - If you leave it off your wrist after it is fully wound it will run for a maximum of just under 2 days - Hope that helps ... Paul :thumbsup: PS - Some auto watches can also be wound up like a mechanical watch but i don't think the 6309 can (if that's wrong i stand to be corrected) Thanks very much Paul. I shook the watch (gingerly!) for a bit and it started up. Am very relieved that it works! It came from the Phillipines by post and wasn't packaged particularly well, so I was afraid it got a knock. Thanks again, Jonathan.
  16. Folks, you're really going to laugh at this unbelievably silly question. Take pity on me because I'm new to this watch lark (seriously!) I got inspired a couple of weeks ago and bought my first collector's watch: a Seiko 6309-7040 diver. The watch just arrived this morning. With a lot of fiddling I managed to set the time without breaking anything. But then the watch stopped! So here's my really silly question: how do I wind it?!!! I googled a bit and saw some people say it doesn't require winding (I suppose that's possible if it has one of those self-winding movements - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_watch). It's old though so I presume it needs winding. Please help - everyone has to start somewhere! :) Thanks, Jonathan
  17. Hi folks, I'm new here. I just wanted to say that I've only found this site a couple of days ago and I think it's fantastic. Believe it or not I haven't even worn a watch until very recently. For reasons I don't fully understand myself (!), I got bitten by the watch bug a few weeks ago. What got me hooked (apart from this website!) was http://scubawatch.org/ The first watch I have fallen for is the Seiko 6309. I just bought one on ebay (didn't realise people also sell watches through the watch forum). I hope to receive it in a couple of weeks, can't wait!! Who knows, in a couple of years I may have a Seiko diver collection to rival Pete's :) Thanks again for such an interesting, informative and enjoyable site. Take care, Jonathan.
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