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  1. Back from hols and bought a souvenir of St Ives. Didn't like the mesh strap, so onto a NATO when I got back. Should have posted this in the Japanese forum.
  2. Mine gains about 20 seconds a day, fine by me as I don't like watches to lose time and in my experience it may well settle down to lose a little less.
  3. I'm normally in the Oldies thread but think the new RLT deserves a go today.
  4. The new RLT. Have a great weekend all!
  5. Mine arrived today. I asked Roy to fit silver 'Dauphine' hands which I think suit the font of the indices on the dial. The indices are a silver grey colour and with Roy's silver logo I think it all ties together nicely. The watch seems to have a nice balance between military and dress style and with the manual movement and good quality case it certainly is a reasonable price.
  6. Yes I wanted a manual wind in this size with no date, my RLT78 with silver Dauphine hands should be arriving tomorrow. I think the 78 & 79 are similar to the 44 & 45 Roy produced some time ago (link attached) although those had auto movements and the 44 had a date. http://www.rltwatches.co.uk/rlt_guide.htm
  7. There is what seems to be nice New Old Stock CARIBBEAN 1000 Circa 1963 on eBay at the moment if you have a spare £1995.
  8. Sticky Stuff Remover. It's really good. Homebase, Kleeneze etc sell it and it's also on eBay.
  9. Anyone have any information about the manufacturer of Classic. I recently purchased this Circa 1960s NOS. It has an ETA 25 jewelled 2472 auto movement. Water resistant to 600ft/18atm, thick domed plexiglass? with magnifier underneath, strap is original 20mm tapering to 16mm. My watchmaker said the whole thing including the movement (already serviced ) is pristine although the seal has gone soft. He relumed the hands as a small piece was loose on the minute hand. He matched the colour of the indices as close as he could, they look white in the photo but match quite well in daylight.
  10. Tell us a bit more about that one. Never seen one before but I do like that. :thumbup: Thanks. I was going to post a topic to see if anyone knew anything about the manufacturer. It's New Old stock circa 1960s, has ETA 2472 25 jewel auto movement & water resistant to 600ft/18atm (wouldn't trust the seal now though). I like both the red date and the fact that the magnifier is under the crystal.
  11. Jessops haven't gone completely. I was recently after a Ricoh GR camera and discovered there was still a store in Bristol and phoned them. I was told that a number of key stores around the country have been bought and were trading under new ownership since April. In fact if Bristol was anything to go by they had too many stores anyway. My son is early twenties relies totally on his iPhone 5 but also loves the 1950s vintage mechanical watch I bought him. I don't think the wrist watch (which as people have said is one of the few 'jewellery' items men wear) will go completely. Many will continue
  12. I wish the manufacturers of expensive quartz watches would value their products more and show a little more care in assembly. I have seen so many costing £100s & even 1000s with the seconds hand flapping around nowhere near the indices. A watch accurate to a second or two a week or even a month should at least point to the seconds accurately.
  13. I think there is definitely something special about a mechanical or automatic watch. This may be because I've spent all my life working in electronics. I only have one quartz watch an RLT6. The most I'd pay for a quartz is £200.
  14. Should be just the job for a NATO. We'll expect pictures!!
  15. Roy's heavyweight ones which I have are great but 2mm thick if I remember correctly & may not fit if you have a bracelet & you won't want the universal ones.
  16. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f15/breitling-spring-bars-386284.html
  17. My Breitling Colt had spring bars that were thicker on the ends than standard spring bars that you buy. This meant that standard spring bars fitted ok but were in fact loose in the holes in the lugs. I got the proper ones from my local Breitling dealer. Of course I don't know if the same applies to your watch.
  18. 35mm 36mm 36mm 36mm I do also have a couple of divers and a chronograph that are larger!!
  19. I also like watches that are smaller than the current trend. 20mm across 35mm lug to lug 33mm 34mm 34mm 35mm 35mm
  20. Happy birthday Merlin & Woody!! Woody be sure things will be better before the next one. Maybe you'll get a bike again or an old Rover!!
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