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  1. Yeah, but this was weeks ago... And I'm busy too!
  2. Well, I ordered some straps that never arrived. And sent a couple of emails over the past few weeks and never heard a dicky bird... :dontgetit:
  3. I use www.timeanddate.com - always exactly in sync with the speaking clock. Good enough for me!
  4. One sneaked up on me this weekend. On Friday, had no intention of buying a watch. Was reminded of this on Saturday. Ordered it last night, should be here tomorrow, fingers crossed...
  5. +1. OK Roy, up for a challenge? Let's see what you're made of. If you can do a few of these, I'll buy one!
  6. Don't have an Invicta, but they tend to be Marmite watches (love 'em or hate 'em) and opinion amongst those who know is divided. If you're after a Rolex Sub clone I'd advise you to save up a little more and get a Steinhart Ocean 1 (about $500) If 300 is your limit, I'd take the Seiko route. Either the Seiko Submariner SKX031 - or the Seiko SKX007, which is a bit larger. Both are superbly built, not clones of anything, and legends in their own right.
  7. +1 Please Santa +2 Also...not a diver,not a quartz,nothing in titanium. +3 ...or would love one similar to this. Manual wind - no bigger than 38mm preferably smaller... (borrowed pic)
  8. Been using them since they took over from Amazon. Had no problems at all. Don't rent all that many TBH, mainly films that I'd like to buy but want to check out first. Turnaround is pretty good, though.
  9. If it wasn't for the fact that the sub-seconds dial is too small, the minute hand doesn't reach the far side of the minute track, it has a date, the hands are awful, and it gives the overall impression that the case is too big for the movement, I'd have one in a heartbeat. Given the interest in military watches/history, I think Longines could have had a real winner, but cocked up big time with this one. At least they got the black dial right... Whovever was responsible for giving the OK on the design should be forcefully removed from the premises and sacked forthwith!
  10. Both watch and strap look great to me. But then, I'm a Khaki Auto Field man myself. Original Hamilton straps are definitely worth the price, and I won't hesitate to get another for my watch when the time comes, but Hamilton aren't too helpful when it comes to listing straps on their site - I can only see XS and XL! Watchbands.com is good for Hammy straps, but they don't have a 21mm black. If it's any help, I think the TSS strap really suits the watch and you'll be hard pushed to find a nicer. Only time will tell if the 1/2mm gap either side bothers you (wouldn't bother me). If so, you
  11. Had a period where Seiko 5s were flavour of the month for me. There are many, many reasons why any WIS should have at least one, and it's nothing to do with money or lack of it. The stories of 7S26s running like champs for 10+ years without a service are legion. Personally, I like the simple, classic designs. I eventually bought three (in addition to my SKX divers), one in particular I liked so much I bought another as it was the last one in stock! All of them run better than +/- 5s day. I kid you not. Lack of hand winding or hacking has never bothered me. Hacking can be useful,
  12. Since DST begins today, after a brief respite I've resumed my marriage vows with my RLT5 which I've had just over a year. Despite the occasional foolish affair with various (not to mention expensive) Swiss and Japanese tarts, she's the one I always come back to, and the only watch I have that just looks and feels so right. Perhaps my idea of the perfect watch. Anyone else have an RLT (or several) as the essential nucleus in an otherwise whimsical collection?
  13. Good question, Andy, and one I've mused over. The military don't issue watches as such, it's the MOD who are responsible for deciding what's commissioned and issued, if at all. And 'Yes, Minister' with all that entails comes to mind... Practically, the digital would be seem to be the common sense approach, due to cost (very cheap) and fitness for purpose. However, my guess is an analogue dial is easier to read in less than ideal light even without lume and doesn't require an extra hand to push a button to light up the dial in total darkness. Maybe someone who really knows will chip in
  14. Agree about the vintage, but we'll have to agree to disagree about not being true to the heritage. Khaki's especially are designed and marketed on their military heritage which the Swatch Group is keen to continue, mainly because the Hamilton brand is synonymous with quality and a bit of history sells watches. Modern Hammies are every bit as good, if not better, than their ancestors and if that's not being true to the heritage, I don't know what is! Case in point:
  15. Hammies may be 'just another Swatch Group brand' like Omega and Breguet, but in my opinion without the Swatch Group Hamilton could well be a thing of the past. As it is, they're doing a great job of producing watches that stay true to the Hamilton heritage with both the Khaki and American Classic ranges and are very hard to beat for quality at their price point. The classic watches in both ranges are superb in terms of looks and value. I recently got one of these which has everything I look for in a watch including 100m WR, sapphire crystal and superb build quality. It's also embarrasingly
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