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  1. Torch light lume is cool. I just want to be able to read the time in the small hours
  2. My orange one has just left the wrist after 3 weeks on it. Have to say that its the only quartz watch that i wear and love it. Only thing that lets it down is the poor lume
  3. Normally take two. One diver/pool/beach and then for the evenings
  4. Looks good but i bet that the black paint comes out of the inlay.......My standard one has been back once for this and has done it again
  5. mattbeef


    Im partial to a bit of squid tbh, I wouldnt mind Mach - Thats crazy idea it will never catch on
  6. Well im wearing my 009 as the 007 was too common for my liking ;)
  7. Out of the two it would be the 007 as im more a diver fan
  8. and so the realisation begins to set in
  9. Sadly Apple Stores are all like that now That was part of the reason why i left. Glad you got it sorted though.
  10. What is your email server at work? Kerio, Exchange, 365?
  11. I thought that part of reason old 911's were so expensive is because most met an unfortunate end during their production run?
  12. I have a nespresso and love it but the pods produce so much waste so was thinking about an aeropress like above
  13. Maybe a PM to the boss? I havent seen one in years
  14. The one watch that stopped me buying a Sumo a few times before. I always think well its not that much more
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