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  1. Quirky and nice looking but a better way to read the time? Nah…..
  2. And Cornwall,is on the edge of the signal also, I have to put my Seiko (Japan issue) solar watch in the window cill nearest the antenna, actually just a South East facing window as anywhere else and it cannot find the signal in the house, although it goes to sleep,when in a draw for any length of time and even after six month or so it’ll do a little dance with its hands (all moving around slowly in various directions!) to catch up to its stored memory time, list bit is the date wheel turning over slowly to find the correct day……great fun…..then I put it back in the draw
  3. Just love “the tick” of my Oyster Quartz….other then that never been bothered TBH.
  4. What if you need two hands for the old chap?
  5. To be serious for a moment…..since retiring and moving down here I find I almost never wear a watch anymore, sure the draw and cupboard is full of them still but I just get them out every few (seems like months now) and wind them, look at them , feel them…..careful at the back……..and then forget about them until the next time. Don't get me wrong, I still love them but why do I need to wear one? I don’t……..I need to get out more, yesterday’s excitement was cleaning out the shower trap
  6. Ours is on the contents, doesn’t cost much more.
  7. I had a speedy reduced, it was the Olympic edition with a white face and emblem, I loved it but it did seem a little small on my wrist (8.5”) even with the bracelet, but as mentioned above come service time it’s a pain as it’s a sandwich type and a lot of places don’t like them and charge quite a bit (like the Dynamic Chrono). You just have to try both.
  8. Hairs............ Actually off to hospital this afternoon, might actually wear a watch for that afternoon out! It’s twenty five past nine old chap.......
  9. Well there is rubber, and then there is silicone and it’s variations.....I agree rubber is ‘orrible but some “non metal” straps are lovely......and no they don’t smell.
  10. I hope she did t go off the boil while you were on pause..... Best place on TV to spot watches.....any single cooking program, the chefs nowadays have more watches than knives I reckon.
  11. What about changing the hands for gold coloured, might even be a gold option for the indices dial? I have an Omega Seamaster 150m which has a white face with rose gold hands and indices and is quite easy to read.
  12. TMI Some Seamasters look good on rubber, more a work horse than a show pony.
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