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  1. The Bonetto in Navy is the one I got for my SKX009, has a lovely vanilla smell and suits the watch perfectly
  2. Hi there - recently acquired this clock from Germany and it syncs to CET - 1 hour in front. Does anyone know if it's possible to change this? Thanks
  3. I always set mine by a Casio wavecepter - bought for £9 off eBay
  4. And this is only set to get worse when ETA finally stop supplying non-Swatch Group manufacturers. What will happen then? Sellita will be swamped. Are there any other genuine Swiss manufacturers of ETA-compatible movements? I believe Stowa are planning to supply the Soprod A10 movement in some of their designs
  5. Lets be honest - zee germans make some fine watches - how about a separate German forum?
  6. I do like that :man_in_love:
  7. Very nice, love the design - ordered the Antea 365 at the start of the year - due to arrive late March
  8. Ordered a Stowa Antea 365 today - needed a nice little dress watch - unfortunately it won't be with me until mid March
  9. That is quality Zee German's make some fine watches
  10. If you know an engineer he could make a link into a half link.
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