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  1. This pretty much exclusively for the last week. Just need to find the perfect strap for it...
  2. Old photo, but been giving this old thing an airing today...
  3. Completely different. Yours has 24 at the top, mine has 12! It could be the same watch actually, as I don't actually have mine anymore, unfortunately.
  4. If the Sub is really your "grail",and this the best way for you to achieve it, then you should do it. Once you start to analyse things, it may well not be the most logical thing to do, but then logic seldom plays a part in these kind of decisions. And nor should it, or everybody would wear a G-Shock, and hardly anyone would ever own the watch they acrually covet. Only my 2 bobs worth, but only you can make the decision. Doesn't matter what anyone else would do..
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