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  1. I wouldn't take a large amount of cash around London. Apart from the obvious security risk, there are money laundering regulations that mean a lot of businesses are wary of one off customers offering to pay large sums in cash. Bank transfer works better and can be very quick.
  2. Ollech Wajs ID3066 automatic chronograph today.
  3. Mappin and Webb sometimes have 'managers specials'. WOS don't discount much and hardly anyone discounts Rolex. If you want to haggle, I'd suggest looking at the non brand aligned dealers such as Watchfinder, Blowers or Mark Worthington in Wilmslow. A lot of watches including Rolex get passed around the trade and end up at non ADs who are not bound by Rolex ' rules'.
  4. Mappin and Webb in Fenchurch St or Watches of Switzerland near the Royal Exchange.
  5. I've had a few Glycine watches over the years. Best in my opinion was a gold plate Datejust lookalike made in the 1970s. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of it. Currently I have an Airman 9 GMT Chrono with ETA 7754 movement which I love for its quirkiness such as no running seconds hand..
  6. Been out for a much needed hair cut today. Walked past local pub, which was open with a one way system. Did consider a pint but thought better of it. Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAF1113 today.
  7. Indeed. The world of Rolex is quite strange at times. I once had what I thought was a standard GMT2 but then found out it was a variant called the stick dial. Instant doubling of value so was quite happy to part with it.
  8. Interesting and actually quite attractive (at least from the side view). Reminds me a bit of a 1970s watch I saw back in the day.
  9. Ollech Wajs ID3066 automatic chronograph this morning.
  10. Take a close look at the photos in this review. https://www.horobox.com/en/review-detail/officine-panerai-luminor-due-42-automatic-acciaio-pam00906
  11. Steinhart Ocean GMT 39 mm Pepsi for Monday.
  12. Zenith el primero triple date moon phase chronograph ref 03.2091.410. Usually worn on special occasions but as its raining today thought would give it an airing.
  13. You'll do best in the second hand market from a bricks and mortar dealer. A lot depends on what sort of Omega as prices seem to be on the rise recently.
  14. Porsche design by Eterna with ETA 2824 automatic movement. Haven't worn this for a while so about time it got an outing.
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