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  1. I only own one quartz watch and far prefer automatics. So far during this lockdown I've tended to wear a watch for longer and this has led to some discoveries, such as my Omega SMP still only loses 3 secs a day after 9 years of ownership.
  2. I've used Parkers a few times. Good honest offers and also will offer small discounts if you contact them.
  3. Your post seems to have appeared twice so perhaps the Mods can merge them in due course. I've been collecting and wearing some fairly expensive pieces for a few years now and at first did shy away from wearing the more expensive out and about. However I soon got over this and found that very few people appear to notice at all. Buy and wear what you want, after all they're your watches.
  4. Superb, can't beat a two tone blue dialled Sub in my opinion.
  5. Story of my life with other watches too.
  6. I'm sorry to hear this @deano1956. Unfortunately everything in life has an element of timing in it. Buying and selling watches is a good example (pun not intended). Investments are really for the long term and if your IFA hasn't advised you to move towards cash and gilts as you near retirement I suggest you have words with him.
  7. Omega SMP 300 coaxial today.
  8. Good idea but a Speedy is not a trade up to an IWC Fliegeruhr 3717 in the less common dial colour. The dual is totally legible in use and in any case I've had several Speedys..
  9. Totally agree. No need to create additional exposure which may cause problems.
  10. No purchases planned at present, in fact I'm quite happy with my collection and no disposal plans either. Watch Nirvana perhaps?
  11. Omega Seamaster professional coaxial movement this afternoon.
  12. Probably this one. Put in a couple of bids on Ebay and thought it would sell for more but how wrong can one be? Having said that, I quite like the quirkiness of the watch with its lack of running seconds etc.
  13. Looks great and good size case as well. A friend of mine has a similar one in 18ct Gold and a 38mm case. It belonged to his Father and is a cherished piece.
  14. Grab and go quartz today. Tag Aquaracer WAF1113.
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