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  1. Добрии вторник мои друг.
  2. I saw it too. Omega made a fuss over the release of the limited edition of the recent ultraman so good to see an original and that as an 8 year old I could have ordered one from their warehouse in Hong Kong for 45 quid. Would have been a few months or years of my shilling pocket money but probably worth it with hindsight.
  3. Back in the day when the Internet was just a twinkle in an IT man's eye, Tissot were regarded as entry level quality watches. By this I mean quality at an affordable price rather than any other meaning. I've had a couple with ETA 25 jewel movements that were really nice and a bit sorry I sold them in search of better.
  4. Not exactly but a few may go over the next few months due to failing the wearing and collectibilty tests..
  5. Probably this. Bought this in 2011 as new in Mappin and Webb Fenchurch St London. Apart from being an all time favourite it's purchase was after I lost both my parents. My Dad collected watches and had a blue divers Seawatch by Sicura in the 1960s. This reminds me of my Dad and those days. Another reason is it keeps excellent time and has one of the most comfortable bracelets I've ever worn.
  6. IWC 3717 Fliegeruhr for a change today.
  7. If I was buying a special watch I'd prefer to see it in the flesh. I've used Watchfinder quite a bit and always found them reliable. They have a few outlets around the country. I would steer clear of Ebay as there are too many iffy watches on there. I don't mean fakes but genuine watches with over stated condition such as 'just serviced' and the like. I bought an Omega Planet Ocean that had a service receipt but gained 30 seconds a day. When I tried to contact the servicer they'd gone out of business. No way could I have known that from the Ebay description.
  8. I'm also wondering about this. Since retiring I've bought a few cheaper and one big purchase but also sold a few and often wear the same watch for a week or so. To be honest there aren't too many watches I see and desire unlike a few years ago when I'd see something and spend hours trawling around to find one. Maybe this watch collecting habit cures itself eventually?
  9. Been wearing the SMP for a week or so as it had become a bit unloved but today decided to change to my Zenith Rainbow flyback chronograph ref 01.0480.405 for today.
  10. I've worn many watches in the bath or sauna that were less than 50M water resistance and they all lived to tell the tale. It all depends on the pressure exerted and the time allowed for the steel to expand. No doubt your acquaintance knows all about expansion coeffients of the various steels or other material used in watches before he opined the information above?
  11. Same here. I got married in 1984 wearing a Seiko 5 that doesn't even appear in the photos. Bit different nowadays though.
  12. No to all of those. Must be cured?
  13. Sounds like you've done the right thing and hope you get it sorted.
  14. Ah, that'll be the extremely rare 'inverted 6' variant then
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