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  1. I've never treated watches as an investment, but as portable assets. This means I have been able to enjoy them and also sell them on when I wanted to, often to buy another, or fund a different passion. I've lost money on watches like everyone else, but treated it effectively as rent. The only brand I've made or broken even on has been Rolex, although my latest moon watch disposal netted a few hundred profit.
  2. My Zenith El Primero doesn't officially hack but you can back hack it if not fully wound. Trick I find is to just give it a shake to get it started then wait until the seconds are correctly set up before setting the other hands etc.
  3. My IWC Fliegeruhr ref 3717. Really miss this but the lure of a Gibson ES335 guitar was too much.
  4. Since retiring from work three years ago, I tend to wear watches for longer periods. Currently I'm wearing my Rolex Sub which I've had on my wrist over a month, barring gardening and sleeping. I've also reduced my collection a bit so now have fewer watches but ones I know I can wear for certain activities once we are free from this virus.
  5. Rolex Sub today and for the past few weeks to be honest.
  6. Don't believe Roy's watches came with traditional box and papers. Certainly my RLT 75 didn't.
  7. I had a Sekonda which fell apart while on my wrist. Went straight in the nearest bin.
  8. IWC cal 853 18ct Gold from 1960
  9. Sounds like crowd funding to me (or Rolex at the moment)?
  10. Looks good to me and better than all the err homage Daytona clones around. After all Rolex wouldn't be anywhere with their Daytona without the El Primero movement!
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