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  1. Not me but if you look at my avatar you'll see my Great Uncle Richard Stringer who emigrated to Brazil and became a Flyer.
  2. You're not wrong, darker sky now and raining over the sea so guess we're next..
  3. IWC Fliegeruhr ref 3717 on a lovely sunny morning in the South West.
  4. Far more prosaic day today so wearing my Ollech and Wajs ID3066 chronograph (ETA7750 movement)
  5. Been out and about today and out again at a function later so wearing my two tone Daytona.
  6. Funny enough, I'd go for Garrard. Build quality and movements better in my honest opinion..
  7. Ah, that famous legal principle of Donaghue vs Stevenson in 1932 that gave rise to the concept of liability for products sold etc. Brings back memories of my early insurance days.
  8. Same here. Once up for sale, checked and cleaned in its box, then when sold checked overnight then off to the new owner.
  9. Nigel, lucky we have two bathrooms. Unfortunately I don't brew in the bath but do have to clean up the utility room once I've finished. Possibly why I'm still in purgatory after 35 years of marriage...
  10. Been brewing some beer this morning and needed to time the various stages so wearing my Zenith el primero Rainbow flyback chronograph ref 01.0480.405.
  11. I've given up selling watches on ebay. Used to be good but recently three watches I've sold have had to be relisted due to non payment. Ebay has also recently had its share of hackers impersonating users and some who think it's a great laugh to overbid and then not pay. I'm done with all this, which is a great shame but in my opinion Ebay is ruinef for honest sellers.
  12. Blowey morning in South Devon so thought I'd wear my RLT70 from Roy's own hand today. Carbon fibre dial, sapphire crystal, ETA automatic movement.
  13. I used to wear Cerruti aftershave, but wouldn't wear one of their watches.
  14. Lovely. Also like Parkers as I've bought a couple of great watches from them. Enjoy the watch as its a great example of Breitling.
  15. Yes. I used to have one. Pretty standard ETA movement which is one reason I sold mine.
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