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  1. Careful now, you'll have another forum monkey on the want for that watch..
  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on your acquisition
  3. Omega Seamaster 300 with Coaxial movement. One of my all time favourite watches.
  4. Even worse when the buyer does a charge back so PayPal freeze the funds, then alleges the watch arrived damaged. So one asks for the watch back and when it returns it has been damaged in a way no transit would do.
  5. I've bought and sold a few watches on the forum with no problems whatsoever. Activity can be slower than Ebay though. Ive given up selling on eBay as well. Last item goes out today which I didn't really want to do but need to balance the books after I bought a Gibson guitar. Fingers crossed etc.
  6. Rolex Daytona Cosmograph today.
  7. Omega Seamaster for me. I've had several Breitlings and have sold every one but my Seamaster 300 is a keeper.
  8. Ollech and Wajs ID3066 automatic Chronograph today after a day which saw me swap a watch for a guitar, and a nice drive through the Devon countryside.
  9. My Dad often left watches for years without wearing and when he passed away all of them still worked. I believe the use of mineral oils led to drying out in non sealed watches of the past but happy to be corrected.
  10. I did think I was a collector a few years ago, but now realise I just like owning and wearing nice (to me) timepieces. Add to this the fact that watches are possibly the most convenient portable asset that can be converted to cash for other things fairly easily.
  11. IWC Fliegeruhr ref 3717 with ETA7750 movement modified by IWC. The Seamaster is taking a rest on Sunday.
  12. Most of my ETA movements watches have power reserves between 38 and 48 hours. Never really bothered me until I got a Rolex with 72 hour reserve which made the others look a bit lame.
  13. Just like an old motorbike I had back in the day. Great when it ran...
  14. Omega Speed master moon. I had so many of these, three moon versions and four automatic versions. Sold them all and realised I just think the style is outdated. Now I have a Speed master moratorium.
  15. Omega SMP300 coaxial today. In fact Ive been wearing this quite a bit recently.
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