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  1. Also chemicals to produce the correct colour in unripe fruits. Not just in India either...
  2. I've travelled extensively in South India. Had issues twice and both caused by undercooked food. Stay away from street vendors, local water and ice cubes and all should be well. Incidentally water melons aren't often a problem.
  3. Rolex subs before 1979 had plexiglass crystals so your friends watch may have been one of these. From memory not all earlier Rolex movements ran at 28800 bph but not sure when they came in.
  4. Omega Seamaster professional coaxial 300M as its a blustery day with rain in the air.
  5. ong

    DCF77.5 ?

    Radio controlled watches need signal strength and correct frequency. If your watch has been pre programmed to respond to a signal on 77Khz, then a move to 77.7 Khz may put it outside its reception area. The MSF signal comes from Anthorn in Cumbria and is on 60 Khz. It may be worth seeing if your watch has ability to receive on 60 Khz. A reduction in power of 50% reduces received strength by 3dB which may be enough to render your watch inoperable even if it can receive the new frequency. Hope this assists from a radio ham watch collector.
  6. You beat me to that comment! About time Omega stopped relying on a 50 year old event and got more imaginative in my opinion.
  7. Continuing the Zenith theme with my El Primero Rainbow flyback chronograph ref 01.0480.405 today.
  8. Happy New Year all, wearing my Zenith el primero triple date moon phase chronograph ref 03.2091.410 today.
  9. Ollech Wajs ID3066 automatic chronograph today.
  10. Some interesting views here. I've had several Rolexes over the years but sold them all except my Steel and Gold Daytona that I bought after I retired. I also remember when Rolex was just a quality brand and Subs were considered tool watches. Things changed in the 1980s as they became popular among City traders and car salesmen. I've never lost money on a Rolex, unlike other brands of watch and have seen the quality in every one I've owned. I wouldn't pay today's big prices, which I consider to be mainly hype anyway. When I wanted a Daytona, I found a brand new one that had been sold within the trade and still had the original stickers etc. It was originally supplied to an AD in Greece but I bought it in the UK. Took me a couple of days to source it about 12 months ago and no premium was requested or paperwork retained.
  11. Steinhart Ocean GMT 39 mm Pepsi for Boxing Day.
  12. Zenith el primero triple date moon phase chronograph ref 03.2091.410 with accompanying home brewed beer pre Christmas Dinner.
  13. Patek Phillipe in my opinion. Even Rolex gives more bang for buck.
  14. Modern Rolexes don't have date specific codes, they are produced at random. This has been the case for a few years as a foil to fakers. Before that there were several consecutive systems using letters to denote date. This could also be used with bracelet codes to provide some evidence of originality. The paperwork is also dated, but not updated annually as far as I'm aware.
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