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  1. Too many to mention but here's a few that I didn't get on with for various reasons but should, with hindsight have persevered with From top to bottom. Rolex GMT with stick dial markings. Made a real profit on this when I sold it but.. Junghans Mega solar radio controlled Ana digi. Don't see these any more so really wish I hadn't. Speedbird. Sold to a forum member but would buy another. Omega speedmaster Panda. Why oh why? Breitling Navitimer. Brilliant watch but had too many and needed some cash. IWC Ingenieur. Sold too soon at a loss Makes me wonder why I bothered...
  2. Steinhart Ocean GMT 39 mm Pepsi today while the sun is out
  3. I'd sell the Moon watch and possibly the Seiko. Replacements could be an el primero from Zenith or a Grand Seiko to keep a Japanese in the collection. Lovely collection by the way.
  4. Superocean A17360 again today.
  5. Nice sunny Monday with lots to do so giving the Breitling Superocean A17360 a run out today.
  6. Been out timing a local rowing club race with my Zenith el primero flyback chronograph today.
  7. Looking at the case and caseback reminds me of an old watch my Dad had. It was called a seawatch but no idea who made it. Manual wind movement and blue dial and bezel as I recall after 50 years.
  8. Don't be so sure. I'm the secretary of the local branch of CAMRA and regularly wear this :-
  9. Seiko 5 sports made in Japan and 7S36 23 jewel movement. Bought in Bahrain duty free for me by my wife in December 2003. Never seen another like it although no doubt the Seiko experts will know which reference it is.
  10. Not for me either. Current Rolex prices are obscene even if the quality is there (which it is IMO). Agree they may appear to be old fashioned but then so is the Omega speedmaster moon watch so Rolex aren't alone.
  11. Omega SMP300 coaxial today.
  12. Porsche Design by Eterna for a change today. I bought this in 2008 while I was in my 'vintage' collecting phase. I wanted a modern watch and this caught my eye, brand new and unloved for the princely sum of £350.
  13. Reminds me of using thinners to clean off paint (OK until you find a cut caused by something you never noticed) then TCP etc. Sorry we've got off the watch subject but hope it all mends tomorrow. I sold this but here's another Zenith for you. in
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