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  1. Bit late on parade but couldn't resist giving my Daytona a day out.
  2. Not all bracelets. Here's mine after 10 years careful wearing.
  3. Great choice in my opinion. I love my SMP from 2009 and its been my all time favourite watch over the last 10 years. Still runs within Chronometer time as well.
  4. Sitting out in the garden with my Omega SMP coaxial today.
  5. In my view its a different sort of Rolex from the ubiquitous DJ, Sub etc. It may not have the meteoric rise in value of the others but looks very wearable and versatile. Buy it, wear it and don't listen to those who call the Air King an ' entry level' watch.
  6. I have mine covered all risks worldwide under my contents policy. Make sure you have them covered while you wear them them outside the home.
  7. Superb. You can't go wrong with a Rolex even if it's the one watch you own.
  8. I was doing both 10 years ago and lost more on watches than shares. Mind you I always steered clear of retail as remember C and A in the 1980s.
  9. Good point. It's fairly well known and borne out in practice that only Rolex really go up in value. Others appear to but are probably only keeping up with inflation. Still more sink like a stone or were overpriced in the first place.
  10. Sun is out again, so is my SMP300 coaxial.
  11. Old faithful Omega SMP coaxial today.
  12. Fancied something different today so pulled out this old Eterna Porsche Design 25 jewel automatic. This was the first 'modern' watch I bought after my vintage phase.
  13. I've had a few solar powered watches and always leave them on a windowsill with no issues whatsoever. My latest Citizen Promaster even gets radio updates inside which is better than my GPS watch.
  14. Citizen eco drive promaster S035899. Radio controlled accuracy, Chronograph, alarm, combined with an older technology circular slide rule.
  15. Busy day out and about so wearing my Rolex Sub 16610 from 2005.
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