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  1. I've had it all selling watches on ebay and it seems to be getting worse. In fact I'm considering cancelling my eBay account as can do without the aggro and petty arguments.
  2. Busy day today as wife's birthday so all over the place with activities then out for lovely fish dinner locally with far too much wine etc. So here's the Zenith el primero triple date moon phase chronograph ref 03.2091.410 ready to go out for late drinks
  3. My Tag Heuer Aquaracer got a free service with a bracelet and battery change in 2014. I paid top bucks for my Rolex sub to be serviced. Personally I wouldn't pay for quartz servicing as the movements are either cheap enough to be replaced or quality enough to last longer than a mechanical. My wife has had a Citizen quartz since 1990 and it still keeps good time.
  4. I'd go for the SMP. Nothing against Tag Heuer or their Monza as did consider one myself but there is something a bit better build quality and heritage wise in the SMP. Here's mine which I bought discounted in 2011. It has the 2500 coaxial movement. Lots of these around but watch for over polished bracelet clasps.
  5. Superb collection and thanks for sharing. Particularly like the Okean. Won one of these on ebay some years ago but the seller reneged on the deal so I gave up looking for another. As for chronic flipping, I went through this and still have regrets even though there were good reasons at the time.
  6. Lazy sunny afternoon watching Le Tour de France on ITV4. Still wearing my SMP300 coaxial.
  7. I don't play golf but have worn watches in similar environments such as digging the garden and playing tennis. Can't say I've ever noticed any ill effects but perhaps golf is particularly impactful.
  8. Thats a real pity. A workmate had the same quandary but bought when offered on interest free credit which he then paid off when he got his lump sum. Keep looking as they do turn up fairly regularly or try one of the trade jewellers as there is always stock being passed around the trade.
  9. I was and the 39mm is one of my favourites now. Price good for the OP but not the GMT as the 24 hour scale is on the bezel.
  10. Omega Seamaster professional coaxial movement 2500 for Sunday.
  11. Sun out in South Devon and off on the water this morning so wearing my Ollech and Wajs M4.
  12. Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAF1113 today.
  13. Same here. There are a number of anomalies in the 7750 movement which I've experienced. The best known is the rotor 'wobble' but there are others depending on whether the movement has been modified or not. Most irritating in my opinion is the wobbly crown stem and sometimes crown although the latter is more due to the manufacturer and is easily cured. Next is the sluggish manual start but a good shake should cure this. Having said this the 7750 is a great workhorse automatic chronometer movement and very accurate when properly adjusted.
  14. Another O and W to grace today's WRUW. This time my M4 Divers.
  15. IWC 3717 Fliegeruhr again today.
  16. Thought I'd pay some attention to a, watch I haven't worn for a while. Sourced a correct and original IWC bracelet and now wearing my IWC Fliegeruhr chronograph ref 3717.
  17. Yes a real shame when you have to give up a good garden. We still have one but different from the one we had in Essex that had it all. Never mind there's always watches.
  18. Breitling Superocean A17360 again today. Sun's out so tee shirt and a bit of Rightbling are in order IMO.
  19. Ollech and Wajs ID3066 chronograph gets an outing today.
  20. One of these? Steinhart Ocean GMT. ETA GMT movement, choice of Oyster style or Jubilee (think Seiko SKX) bracelets and extremely good value IMO.
  21. Breitling Superocean A17360 for an early start today. Who said you can lie in when you're retired?
  22. I used to have a Seiko 5 with the same style but in steel. Was always getting mistaken for a datejust back in the 80s. Wish I'd kept it but after 15 years I bought another Seiko and the lookalike went to a charity shop.
  23. Zenith el primero Rainbow flyback chronograph again today.
  24. Not such a new idea. I had this one from the 1990s but sold it due to the same issue. Looks OK in the photo but difficult in certain lights.
  25. Zenith el primero Rainbow flyback chronograph ref 01.0480.405 on a still but cloudy Sunday morning.
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