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  1. Quite easily. They can ask for the sale to be cancelled, produce no end of excuses about their dog dying etc, or just disappear. Ebay give them a non payment strike but won't take real action. In the meantime it's more aggro for the seller.
  2. Out on the ale with friends tonight so thought would give the Ollech and Wajs ID3066 automatic chronograph an airing.
  3. I had all the permutations of bad Ebay experiences over the years. Here's an inexhaustive list. The charge back guy.Finally paid only after he'd sold the watch on. The guy who broke the watch then wanted his money back. The one who pretended the watch had become lost in the mail. In fact it has been delivered Poste restante at his request and he hasn't picked it up. Another who left bad feedback after a few months because the watch has developed a slight fault. The movement changer who swapped the high ebauche 7750 movement in the watch for a basic agricultural version and then alleged I'd sold it like that. Never again. Ebay have ruined it for normal private sellers in my opinion.
  4. Yes, the ones who win but then don't pay. Fake because they're not real.
  5. Ebay are trying to prevent all the fake and dodgy stuff getting blamed on them. I'm really pleased my Ebay sale days are over as too many scams and fake buyers I've experienced.
  6. Rolex Submariner from 2005 today.
  7. Sinn Instrument Chronograph. Interesting watch but totally impractical so was quickly sold. Now I have more time I wish I'd kept it.
  8. Omega SMP 300 today and for the past few days to be honest.
  9. Rolex Sub from 2005 ( no holes) today.
  10. Either of these two are candidates. The SMP has been around the world with me over the past 10 years and is my goto summer watch. The Daytona would suit if I have up wearing a watch every day and only for special occasions.
  11. I prefer automatic movement watches. In fact I only have one hand wind watch and that's my Grandads Smiths Deluxe. I have a couple of quartz, mainly solar powered but the rest are automatics. I never have a real problem with them not winding enough even though I'm retired. When I was a lad, hand wind watches were old hat and, automatics were the height of sophistication. Then came the quartz revolution but my fascination with automatic movements has survived.
  12. Seiko Astron GPS solar for today as needs a bit of charging.
  13. Ollech and Wajs ID3066 automatic chronograph ( Valjoux 7750 movement) for the first day of meteorological autumn.
  14. Probably not a bad idea to contact Cousins and ask? I can't think of a reason unless a 10 piece set comes in a fancier box.
  15. Don't forget Brandium. Used by many wannabe makers.
  16. Keep the Carrera. Nice classy dress watch vs everyone recognises a not too special dive or sports watch that says 'TAG'. I know, I've had both and flipped the Carrera. Regretted it ever since.
  17. Been to a retirement do so now on way home wearing my Daytona. Great choice. Can't beat a sub for all purposes ( except perhaps mowing the grass or mending the car).
  18. Bought this 4 years ago for less than a tenner. On its second battery now but does the job.
  19. Bit late on parade but couldn't resist giving my Daytona a day out.
  20. Not all bracelets. Here's mine after 10 years careful wearing.
  21. Great choice in my opinion. I love my SMP from 2009 and its been my all time favourite watch over the last 10 years. Still runs within Chronometer time as well.
  22. Sitting out in the garden with my Omega SMP coaxial today.
  23. In my view its a different sort of Rolex from the ubiquitous DJ, Sub etc. It may not have the meteoric rise in value of the others but looks very wearable and versatile. Buy it, wear it and don't listen to those who call the Air King an ' entry level' watch.
  24. I have mine covered all risks worldwide under my contents policy. Make sure you have them covered while you wear them them outside the home.
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