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  1. I though the WHOLE PURPOSE of ANY Olympics was blatant nationalism. We don't have a world team, we compete for nations, against OTHER nations. Pile of ***** it might be but it IS all about the difference between nations. And they've pinched £9billion from OUR Lottery. Apart from that.......... :) The image of Seb Coe being William Hagues judo partner is with me still I keep thinking of the naked wrestling in "Women in Love".......................... :bad: To paraphrase a comment from above, put 'em all in a field and take the p#ss out of the lot of 'em.
  2. Reminds me of the Doctor saying to the young lady "Big breaths" "Yeth, and I'm only thixteen" Bleth you for your help guyth...... :thumbsup:
  3. I remember stacking a pile of records on the extended spindle but there was always one that sliiiiiiiippppppppeeeeeddddd aaaannnnnnndddddd mmmaaaaddddeeee ''''''eeeemmmmm rrruuuuunnnnnnnn sssssssssssssssssssllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww. As for watch values, imho watches are much more than what you can flip 'em for. If we said it's only worth two quid would you no longer like it? Not getting at you mate and i think the question has been answered in a round about way. Sorry if you are disappointed.
  4. Hi kozza, I'll send you some of MY tablets........ :ph34r: Cos they do f#ck ALL for me........ :D
  5. I can feel a coach trip coming on...... :ph34r:
  6. Better not tell you how much she paid for it then.......... :crybaby: She says you're just jealous..... :cool:
  7. In West Yorkshire we STILL call it *****............. :lol:
  8. Just to show you lot (and griff) that I have a sensitive, almost gentle side. A couple of friends went to Morpeth for the weekend. It must have been great cos the only thing they talked about when they returned was that one of 'em went to a public bogs and someone had left what Billy Connelly used to call a "wee jobby" in the bowl. the one who discovered it called the other one to see it, not only did they see it they took a photo....................no, I don't have it.................sorry. It inspired me to put pen to paper, or, fingertip to key and record this monumental discovery for posterity. Ode to the Morpeth Turd Around the globe this story went, faster than a bird. That most mysterious, mighty log, they call the Morpeth Turd. Tall, unbowed, the creature stood, long and stiff as a piece of wood. This vision it did chill my soul, standing proud of the toilet bowl. Seven shades of tan it was, every inch a winner. First thought that went through my mind, was what he’d had for dinner. Consensus was, amongst the crowd, it was laid there by a sailor. Or, half a dozen burly men, had fetched it on a trailer. Whoever it was that spawned the beast, he must have had a cramp on, Cos, if you took it out at night, it would surely need a lamp on. Now I don’t know which tale you’ve heard. But I set eyes on the Morpeth Turd.
  9. The only ones I used to get looked more like the end result.......... :tongue2:
  10. WHOA kozza whoa, I agree with you............ We ALL agree with you. I'm nearly 53 and I'm STILL bitter about stuff that happened at school. It's just made me bitter and twisted.... :taz: Rather than get mad.....get even. Tell Breithling that the ****** has totally ruined the whole Breitling experience. If you rant then he'll just say, "see, unreasonable bod to deal with" It's a game, play it and play to win. Then run over him when he comes out of the shop.......... :mummy:
  11. Yup, ugliest watch in the world........... :blush: Nope, not mine Reet, my 710 has had this abomination for less that 3 years and the "diamonds" are falling out. Some shop somewhere will have a shelf full of 'em. Can anyone help? Where do I look? Or, would you fleabay it as it is? It WAS quite expensive when new And, no she didn't get it from Stevie Wonder.................... :taunt:
  12. Happy Sunday 'bolt. Guess you have a faster connection than most......... :lol:
  13. http://s508.photobucket.com/albums/s327/Ch...nt=stripped.flv
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