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  1. Normdiaz, you don't have to pass if you don't want to as there are 'single pass' versions available - simply thread them through the spring bars and off you go!
  2. Interesting (haven't been around for quite some time!) never heard of Nick Mankey before but have been wearing Marine Nationale (with a hook) Geckota/Zuludiver (bought several around Black Friday for £6.00 a piece) and also from Sophie at CheapestNatoStraps (all elastic variations on the original French Marine Nationale strap) Charles
  3. Still got mine but it gets far more box time than wrist time as I don't want to get it damaged. Have to agree they are gorgeous
  4. Cracking watch - indestructible, 10 year battery, easy to read, light and comfortable to wear..........I also keep my PIN numbers in the Databank (password protected!!) It is a great intro to the world of G Shock Charles
  5. This was my original before being upgraded!!! There are occasions when I hanker after the original colour again even though it was "in your face"
  6. Second that - He's definitely around.
  7. Great news Roy...............any news on M6 spares? I would really like my M6 crown to srew down properly and reliably again!! Charles
  8. Bareges


    Does anyone know if Gnomon are still trading? When I try the site the 'page not found' message is displayed Just been on their site - no problem.
  9. Mine - 710 that is - has been wearing my Ploprof modded M6 GMT for at least the last 6 months. She. like yours. thinks that it is a gorgeous looking watch............trouble is I don't see much of these days!!
  10. Roy, Well done...............love the new look. No problems here with Google Chrome - will try others in due course. Charles
  11. This seems to be permanently on my wrist this summer
  12. Used to have my GMT on a great waterproof black leather (now knackered) which I found very comfy. Haven't been able to find a good replacement yet........... I am with you on the no bracelet Sparky.............I might try a rubber divers strap myself. Have tried a certain gentleman's canvas which was comfortable. My 710 tells me that it is very fashionable not to have a rolex on a bracelet!!!!! Charles
  13. Roy, does that mean that M series spares may be available sometime??? charles
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