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  1. That is a nice piece swap for a cave dweller? :thumbup:
  2. There is a couple of places in Manchester city center.
  3. Home from work and now wearing my pride and joy
  4. I have found that i carnt win a thing on *bay due to snipers so i have given up trying. :wallbash:
  5. Very nice,iwas thinking of getting one for work as i am fed up of scratching up my diver. Heath to wearer :thumbsup:
  6. That is indeed a thing of beauty, well done that man. :notworthy:
  7. This is my small and humble collection,as you can see i like my divers with the dressy one thrown in for you know court appearances and taking the 710 out for dinner. Top left Invicta 8926A Top right V-Max Freestyle on a watchadoo lumpy Bottom left Boschett Cave Dweller 1000m Bottom right Seiko SKA 367P1 Middle Sekonda Quartz
  8. She says it keeps me out of trouble and away from the T.V remote while she watches ANOTHER soap :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  9. The picture thing is something of a dark art until you get the hang of it. Love the Longines BTW
  10. Magic button :thumbup: :thumbup: some nice pics though well done
  11. I like it, maybe a change of strap though :thumbsup:
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