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  1. It suddenly stopped. I've tried to wind it, or to shake it, but it still doesn't work. Any help please? I'm very sad..I own this new watch for 2 weeks :(
  2. well, take care because it's becoming addictive! :tongue2: enjoy your new watches :yahoo:
  3. I only buy if I know I'm going to wear it :)
  4. it looks great! enjoy your watch! ;)
  5. where do you buy your amphibia from? I'm starting to like this watch more and more (if you can't say it here please send me a pm) - thank you!
  6. Vostok Amphibia owners can you please tell me if your lume dials need a light source in order to work?
  7. Another shocking article: http://trusted-forwarder.org/elgin/help/luminous_dials.html Radium is still used today in under-developed countries :tongue_ss:
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