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  1. It's just so much watch for the money. That's why I love Orient!
  2. I saw these pics online about the Speedster....just look at these and drool!!!
  3. I wanted a white Orient diver, and I wanted it with some of the upgrades we all desire! So I went with the white Mako USA ll. With the 30% off code, it's an excellent deal anyway you look at it! https://orientwatchusa.com/shop/mens...es/saa0200cw9/ Wrist shots soon to come...
  4. I saw this, and it was at an unheard of low price...I just had to pull the trigger. THE ORIENT SPEEDSTER (FET0M001W0) (WHITE) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf_KwJxJU5wW Wrist shots to come soon.
  5. Yes Jim, the Kanji alternate day is in some of these models. It's just great to have, and I'll be looking around for one of these silver beauties!
  6. I am really loving this particular diver! Blue would be my choice.
  7. Hey Jim: I am wondering if this particular Citizen has the Kanji alternate day. I am aware that the black, and blue dials of this watch have the Spanish alternate day. Thanks.
  8. WOW Jim!!!!! That's an incredible Citizen! I haven't seen this one in years. Terrific taste indeed.
  9. Hey Jim, these Rangers are an incredible deal! There's so much for less money. I'm glad I purchased the ones I have.
  10. Good to see you back Jim! It'll be nice to see more posts w/pics from you.
  11. Yes Jim, there's much to love with the Galant!
  12. I bought my first blue Galant, and it's in such good condition, I love it. Then I found another...and although it's in beater condition, and it had traveled from Turkey, to the USA (northwest), to me (on the east coast), I still believe it will make me happy for years to come. And, yes, I found it on the bay!
  13. HELLO ALL: I just want to express to you this: GET A RANGER, GET A TROOPER, OR GET BOTH(IF YOU CAN)! It's just that these two watches, to me, prove (once again), that Orient is one of the few watch companies that gives the Customer way more watch for the money! Look at these two examples: sapphire crystal solid end links decorated rotor great lume scissor-style buckle solid quality OEM bracelet drilled lugs knurled/over-sized crown (thicker stem) How can we go wrong here?
  14. I cannot agree with you more. I own two Rangers and a Trooper, and it's astonishing that they did not sell for more. A comparable Swiss version would have cost in upwards of $500.00. This is the great feather in Orient's cap...they can produce quality watches without the huge price tag. The bracelet is (by far) one of the best stock bracelets I have ever seen come out of Orient. Solid end links, drilled lugs, scissor-style buckle, sapphire crystal, terrific lume, decorated rotor, knurled/over-sized crown, and ALL MADE IN JAPAN...what's not to love?
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