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  1. This song is actually good. Have you seen the video, with the dancing foxes? Wierd. I wouldn't mind if those foxes ripped my rubbish every week. I would even watch! with a 55-200mm lens haha Come on guys dont forget the "Rolex Sweep" -
  2. Having grown up in a pretty hard working family, the Rolex has always been a watch you buy when your in your 50s. I remember uncles saying "Get a good job, buy a house then buy a rolex". This was probably the thinking back inthe day, when material things had to be worked for. Times have changed and now maybe people have higher incomes so they can afford the flash watches. Working in a IT Sales environment for around a year, its almost the standard to have a rolex and the mont blanc regardless of age. I guess if you have one maybe means your doing well in the job? but I do have to agree it is a status symbol. Personally, I try to avoid brand names etc but I always get sucked in. As a young person brand names and bling is sometimes how people judge you. (try going to a indian wedding with a timex)
  3. The Tag logo's been put on by a drunken sailor as well - it looks all squeegee to me. I think you've spotted a fake certainly :yes: I reckon it's a Benidorm "reject" - wasn't good enough to be sold by the tall black gents on the beach! :lol: Black Gents in Benidorm? You sure about that?
  4. I am the same. I wish I could do a exam in the art of buying watches!
  5. Almost jizzed in my pants when I saw the "after" pictures. Blimey thats a sexy watch. I want one!
  6. Thanks for reply James The back just looks weird, with it being so shiny! Might give it a miss. All the best, -Raj
  7. Just seen this on the bay - 130305929683 Would do you guys reckon? Real or a copy? -Raj
  8. Jason, Sorry if I am being rude but what does the "anium" inside the ring mean? edit: my bad, missed out the "titan" before "anium". Ahh its been a long day!
  9. I don't believe that. And that's not a watch. It's got more buttons than my PC. :D No it is a watch
  10. Many Thanks for your responses. Think I will wait as the price of Gold should come down sometime soon. Also will consider 18ct over 9ct Many Thanks, Raj
  11. Hello All, I am interested in buying a "solid gold" watch. So far I have never been interested but for some reason I feel it may be a good investment? I have one other watch in my box which was my Dad's and it is gold plated. It is a great watch by Alfex? however the gold plating is rubbing off. I don't think it was that expensive but I like it. Anyway, seen this on the bay : 150324383495. Any good? I can reach till about 450 max but would love to get a bargin if I can. Lastly I am not into brands or big time watch companies just something which is good quality and real :) (I know this is a tall order). Thanks All, Raj
  12. Hey Welcome! Am sure you will have fun here! Be sure to head over to the Sales forum for some bargins! Raj :)
  13. this richmond bridge? Now thats a COLD picture!
  14. Thats a good idea. Wish my uncle would give me a Rolex!
  15. A bit off topic here but I hear your cries over PC World. I bought 3 laptops, yes 3! thats over £1500 !!!! Each and every one has a dead pixel on the screen. Brand new FRESH laptops have dead pixels? Something fishy going on here. The 3rd laptop was a HP, medium spec. I went to the refund desk, by this time was a late Thursday eveing so we had the typical college lad there. No problems I went over, stated my problem using "ghetto" words. Then the very smart guy says "Nah nah nah bruv you got to get this repaired by HP we aint responsible ere". My reaction followed and my credit cardwas fully refunded!! :) I think you can assume I got my refund through clever speak and knowing my bladdddy rights!
  16. Without sounding like a "told you so guy" it would of been easier to just sent it direct to U Boat. Selfridges are just the middle man and even worse they are money hungry. The Selfridges staff are useless. I bought a Rado from Dubai and needed some links taken out. So I took it to the store and left it with a rather young chap. 40 mins later I got it back... nothing had changed. The dumb people changed the battery instead. I was never charged for the service and I did get the links taken out BUT I didn't feel as if they knew what they were doing. However to answer your question I suggest you just go and get your watch back asap. As you said U Boat are happy to repair this for you. OK so you will need to pay p&p which Selfridges should really pay for but all this hassle is keeping your watch off your wrist.
  17. Yup I bought these boxes. They don't fit as snug as I would like. However you get what you pay for. I have seen a few other boxes (online, in shops) made from wood but they are really expensive around £100. look on fleabay for arbutus watches from north wales someplace. view the vendors other items and you will see lots of nice watch boxes for less that a ton which hold 18 watches. i put in a best offer which basically negated the shipping charge which was accepted. this was all on another thread which but i re organised my pictures recently so that's them gone. great packaging and quick shipping. got a nice wooden one with clear lid. Thanks Fella. Will have a look.
  18. Nice tick tock! Is the bezel two seperate colours or is it a two tone paint? Hope that makes sense?
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