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  1. I like it a lot, thought I had come to the wrong place
  2. Think you need to stop believing everything you read on the internet, I suspect that they are totally made in Germany and just posted from Sheffield. Which bit is made or assembled in Sheffield? I'm with Always Watching on this, Smiths were a great British brand and these seem to be trying to just live on the name with no other connection whatsoever. Imagine if a Chinese company had acquired the Smiths name, how would you feel then? I feel the same way about Chr Ward watches, I just don't get it. My friend is called Adam Services, he's a packer in a company in Birmingham, can he sell a Japanese watch and put Services, Birmingham on the dial because he packed it
  3. Maranez make some good looking watches,
  4. For the sake of a few pounds it might have been nice to support Roy who hosts and pays for this forum you use.......
  5. Have to agree pg, nothing more boring than a firm that just makes copies
  6. Im not really against homage watches myself, what gets me pissed off is when people get all excited and talk about how amazing they are/look ........All the hard work that went into the design was done years ago.....Its not difficult to copy someone elses proven designs, I dont understand when people think they are 'special'
  7. Actually this one is more appropriate :
  8. Its more of 'the real deal' than the PRS14
  9. I don't get it, they seem unfinished and should IMHO have some sort of end link as every other Omega bracelet of any quality does. I supose people would wear the BOR bracelet like this without the end link and spring bar showing , sorry for asking. I'll get my coat.
  10. Can I just ask why those Omega mesh bracelets have no end pieces, should you be able to see the spring bar through the links, is there something missing ? They seem to be very expensive for something that is not finished off properly, I cannot believe that Omega would make a bracelet like this. I look at the mesh bracelets on Roy's site and they have proper end pieces, am I missing something ? Thank You Simon
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