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  1. make sure you load the app, click on the three circles and choose 'aquatic mode' before you chuck it in.
  2. In the camera window there should be three interlocked circles at bottom left - click on these and then choose 'none' from the range of filters that then appears. If this doesn't work, I'm afraid you are permanently stuck in 1957.
  3. My profile was a piece of Romanesco broccoli, just for the pure beauty of all that fractalness. Then I saw the image of the diving white tiger... and that was that. I had trouble believing it was a real photo, but apparently it is.
  4. Davey, I thank you for being my 'go to' guy when I need to explain to my wife that NO watch is too big, and there's NO SUCH THING as too many G-Shocks. You've saved my bacon on more than one occasion. That said, I did sell my black GX56 to you, and I'd like it back please
  5. Hmmm... some of those Shark Divers have an interesting carbon fibre pattern thing going on. Now where have I seen that before, Roy?
  6. AbingtonLad

    M53 Bronze

    Well Roy, if you feel you need to move on the bronze Maranez Rawai to make room, just let me know
  7. Nice beading !!! Mr B, I swear you could recite the alphabet and it would still sound like a double entendre.
  8. Forum member JonW is 'Mr Deskdivers' though sadly he hasn't been around for quite a while. I think he's seriously busy with Deskdivers, books, work... and who knows what else. But he's a top bloke. You could try mailing him for some info on the 120 Chronometer - if he can't give you what you need, you aren't going to get it!
  9. The Rawai... fabulously portholey steampunky Panerai-y thing, with a crystal thicker than my glasses. Nice.
  10. Not so sure Mike... it's not entirely clear, but there is this passage from an advert for a 40s gold 'Rolex' style watch on t'internet: Founded in 1888 by Lewis Edson Waterman, the L.E. Waterman Pen Company was the gold standard for fountain pens until World War II, when its popularity waned. Although not believed to be corporately related, this vintage men's Waterman watch lives up to the same lofty standards as those highly collectible pens. According to the US Horological Trademark Index, The Waterman Watch Co., Ltd of West Orange, NJ registered with The US patent and Trademark office in July 23, 1943. The round 29mm case is crafted from solid 14k yellow gold and still sports a highly polished condition... So there would seem to be a connection and something of a pedigree - they are not quite the 'Johnny-come-Latelies' they first appear to be. Though what exactly 'corporately related' means in the above extract is beyond me...
  11. Wow. It gets better the closer you look. That case is seriously... serious.
  12. What's the blue beauty at the top chap?
  13. A cursory glance at what Norway did with its North Sea oil windfall... and what we did with ours... will tell you all you need to know about Mrs T and her cohorts.
  14. i bet it looks top notch now. not as top notch as it did with the original contents, but good nonetheless. now for the glitter
  15. interesting... does the label come off easily? it would look just a tad (dram?) cooler without it i think. and cover the cork with glitter. ok i'll get my coat
  16. Indeed, Who could doubt a man with this much taste...
  17. I know what you mean. It's a dream most of us will never be able to grasp. I certainly don't grasp any part of it at the moment.
  18. You know, I think you're right. I knew something jarred, just couldn't put my finger on it...
  19. Damn it, if those two were on the list I'd have made it to 5!
  20. Ditto... I got one, supposedly from a friend who was actually abroad at the time (it said that he'd been robbed during a short trip to Italy). Fortunately it was worded so appallingly badly that it took me less than a nanosecond to realise it was complete rubbish. Now, if they'd taken the time to work on their vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling, I might well have sent the £5 they were trying to extort. Then again probably not.
  21. Is the value of the watch in how much you can sell it for... or somewhere else?
  22. Born in Harlow. I'll say it again, Harlow. You need a sense of humour to make it out of there in one piece and he certainly had that. A big part of my youth and I'm sure not a bad bloke all told. May he ride the eternal quad bike in peace.
  23. Presumably the paracetamol packet indicates the headache that has been caused by spending so much money on a watch...
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