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  1. Well I'm no expert but I reckon that narrows it down to BVLGARI. Any other suggestions? :lol:
  2. J - there's only a 50/50 chance that a Geiger Counter would be sensitive enough to pick up anything from old lume. Just so as you know - don't be too disappointed if you buy one and get nothing but 'the sound of silence' :D
  3. I am also the proud recipient of an Alan freebie strap and can confirm he's a top bloke :yes:
  4. P.S. Amusing that you should accidentally type 'ruining around a park' instead of 'running' (accidentally...). P.P.S. Is it only me that now finds pictures of Smurfs mildly arousing? Maybe something to do with The Big Bang Theory? :D
  5. You must be gutted you missed the Smurf season... the Smirnoff season... oh forget it. :lol:
  6. My god, it's even cleverer than we thought - it is in fact a dual celebration of England's '66 victory and Hodgeson's 66th birthday. Marketing genius. Why isn't it £66,000? They've surely missed a trick there.
  7. I've never posted on this thread before, but couldn't resist the opportunity to tie it in with a thread on tax evasion that recently passed through, and with the purpose of the forum itself... watches. A quick calculation reveals that Mr Ecclestone has 'avoided' enough tax to splash out on a new one of these for EVERY day of the year: That's assuming, of course, that he gets one tax-free (around £300,000) from somewhere outside the UK... Which I'm pretty sure he would.
  8. B'jesus Mr Bond, how much sh*te appears when you type 'U-boat' into eBay?? How can they allow all this detritus to clog up t'internet? It's an outrage. I shall be writing to my MP. In the meantime I must say I like the look of your U, but I'm sure that comes as no surprise. An intelligent man, his vodka and his watch... the holy trinity :notworthy:
  9. Paul - did you see the BBC programme with Julia Bradbury walking in Iceland earlier this week? You must give it a look, it's fabulous (not least for because of the distinctly flirty relationship Julia builds up with her female walking guide as the episode progresses!). No, back to the point - the landscape is simply out of this world. I'm very envious! Here's the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0110grr/Julia_Bradburys_Icelandic_Walk/ Enjoy!
  10. I almost ordered one of those for my Apeks Paul, until a very kind RLT member donated the perfect 'normal' bracelet. Be interested to see what the quality is really like.
  11. I'm getting this redirection once every three or four times I try to access RLT. And the last time it automatically took me off to some pathetic site that then made it difficult to reverse out - 'Do you want to leave?' 'Really' 'Are you sure?" etc... A little frustrating.
  12. Wonder what the depth rating is for that kind of immersion.
  13. AbingtonLad

    New Year's Eve

    We haven't done the washing up but I am sitting here with a cup of tea and a slice of dry white toast feeling slightly p*ssed. Not getting old, got old.
  14. Ah, the joys of the English language! I spent years studying it, even more time using it professionally... and yet there are still things that surprise, amuse and confuse. But hey, would we have it any other way?
  15. Interestingly, the sentence 'I have a rarer and therefore more desirable semicolon; interested in a trade?' should, of course, contain a colon at the very minimum, and preferable a full stop. If the semicolon itself is to remain, to illustrate the item on offer, things get a little tricky. In which case, to be grammatically correct, I would suggest: I have a rarer and therefore more desirable semicolon: ';'. Interested in a trade? But I am open to corrections on this point...
  16. Uranium can't be produced by radium decay - uranium has a higher atomic number than radium, and radioactive decay (nearly) always takes an element down the atomic scale. So uranium can decay into radium, but not the other way around. Radium itself decays to form radon, the very dodgy gas that seeps out of rocks and causes problems in parts of England and Wales.
  17. Ah, but iTunes is drag and drop, once you get the hang of it. Isn't it? Are you sure you were using iTunes? Are you sure you were even sitting at a computer? Those Smirnoffs may have addled your senses, me thinks :blink:
  18. No iTunes then Mr Bond? That would make things very easy for you... less time music mixing, more time drinks mixing :tongue2:
  19. I imagine the owner's 'love of the Rolex' is rapidly diminishing!
  20. Great thread. Here's a grainy but Xmassy picture of (some of) my clock collection... and my lovely NAD system:
  21. That shape of blade is known as a 'tanto' and often these blades are used mainly for the strength of their point. The knurling on the handle would also suggest that it's designed to take a lot of pressure - although it would also work as a good grip under water (is it made of brass?). Interesting item, particularly with that sheath - which also seems to have a heavy duty diving-type belt mount. So yes, it ticks the boxes for a diving knife except, as mentioned above, for the fact the blade lacks serration and a notch. Good find.
  22. Watches I take on holiday: 1. G-shock (knackered for the pool & beach) 2. G-shock (new, for evening & dinner) 3. G-chock (spare) Although I am thinking of being a bit radical this year - I might take a Casio Edifice instead of the spare G. Controversial, I know. :D
  23. They are indeed bakelite, on the whole. I'll try to get some shots - the marbled ones are particularly nice. So far I've only had one seller who failed to realise that bakelite needs more than its fair share of bubble wrap to make it through our postal system. I could show you pictures of that clock but it would make you cry :down:
  24. Well I'm not quite sure how this happened but I seem to have gathered quite a large collection of working and non-working clocks, mainly Smiths and mainly bakelite. To be honest I think I bought the glass fronted cabinet first, just because I liked it, then decided that some clock would fit in rather nicely. But I'll let you guys be the judges of that! I've got a particular hankering for the five Smiths clocks you can see occupying the second row down and the second-left position on row three. See if you can guess which one was just added to the collection... Ultimately I'd like to fill the whole cabinet with these ones (anally retentive, moi? :lol: ) but I'm having trouble tracking down any colour variations beyond the five I already have. If you've come across any others please let me know!
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