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  1. Rolexgirl? Or... Amelie... :eek:
  2. Oooh, that is supremely cool. Those digits are superbly red. And 20mm thick? Climb on it and you're half way to the moon... :lol:
  3. Mate, I think you've already had your early Chrismas present...
  4. I've certainly never seen the like - the British Blades knife forum is one of your best bets for discovering what it is. Those guys have used just about every type of wood imaginable to make knife handles. Let us know when you find out!
  5. My word Thomas that dial is simply beautiful. I can see the urge to get it working and on the wrist but I could also understand if you just kept it in a box and stared at it. Good luck.
  6. Can't believe the ref didn't stop it sooner. Red was taking a lot of punishment and it wasn't necessary. Quite frankly I'm appalled.
  7. How can anyone not love this? I'd be happy to face the Taliban wearing this.
  8. Blimey, where's DaveyP? Now there's a guy who loves his G-S action! Let's be honest and say there's just a teeny tiny boost to your 'manliness' when you pop on a g-shock. In fact I've been wearing one whenever I work for at least the last for or five years, and if I don't have one on then I don't feel up to the job. The fact that it's covered in paint, scratches and dents reminds me of all the projects I've completed when it was easier to give up and go back to bed. So mine's a bit of a psychological 'crutch' as well as something that tells the time. And all for £40 :lol:
  9. But presumably is an ostrich-leg strap, rather than an ostrich leg-strap :blink:
  10. Yup, this and most of what went before is spot on. But remember you will do well to get real accuracy with a circular saw if you are not using the guide arm (the sticky out metal bit). They are very powerful and, without the arm, tend to wander off if you don't concentrate 100%, particularly as you approach the end of your wood and the bit on the front plate of the saw that indicates the line of your cut vanishes off the end. Also listen to recommendations for the jigsaw. Some find it difficult to maintain a 90 degree cut line, especially as depth of wood increases. And get the right blades for the job.... here's a useful explanation: http://www.insidewoodworking.com/jigsaw-blades.html The right blade is also important for your circular saw. Use the wrong one and it will squeal like a stuck pig. Loud enough to make your ears bleed.
  11. I have a mate who can do the same thing. I've seen him asleep standing up on a bus through the Alps, asleep sitting in a Jumbo jet while a drunken fight broke out around him, and asleep lying in the middle of a main road (himself drunk) while traffic weaved around him. It's quite a skill and I envy him greatly. I wake up if a sparrow farts and can't sleep if the guinea pigs look upset when I go to bed :closedeyes:
  12. When I regularly took codeine someone told me you are only told not to drink because you end up feeling so darned great! Apparently it harks back to the Victorians, who felt that taking drink and drugs in combination was something to be frowned upon. GFI :lol:
  13. Surely someone has to say 5... oh I just did. Nice one!
  14. That is a cracking picture. As opposed, I suppose, to a crapping picture....
  15. Hmm... might just PM you about that as I'm in the process of putting together a rather unusual 'display cabinet' for our humble collection of crystal spheres, glass and other sparkly things. And it is almost Christmas :lol:
  16. Great plummy colour Mike - perfume bottles just in time for Christmas? (or is this solid internally?) One of these days I'll save up for one of your creations chap!
  17. 12 please my quickstepping old mucker! Congratulations (though if you double post all the time I can see how you made it to 7,000 :lol: )
  18. Blimey you've done well there chap! I had a browse and quite like the look of the rose gold version too. But I certainly can't find one at that price... wear it in health.
  19. Ooooh, now that is a belting colour! Absolutely spot on, particularly with the leather. Wear it in health (and then sell it cheaply to me!). K
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