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  1. If you're worried about it I'll give you £251. That dial is a beaut!
  2. Now that is a blinder Haggis! Never seen anything like it. Fabulous.
  3. Surely you mean this beauty in the sales section :lol:
  4. Blimey Jase, that Hamilton is lovely. But do you know what? My wife has convinced me to keep my Seiko Bullhead (which is a belter) and just accept that I might not get that 'grail' watch. Funny thing is it feels like a relief - I don't have to stress 'narrowing down' my options or worrying that I'm making the wrong decision. A weight of my mind, me things (but thanks for the ideas anyway :lol: ). Some of the money I save will go towards painting and I might even try my hand at a few watch movement abstracts.... oh no, I feel another new thread coming on... K
  5. Mel & Commander - fortunately I took out annual travel insurance a while ago, before any of this came to light, so at least we can (and will) nip off somewhere for a weekend. I have an old friend in Prague and have never been, so it gets my vote. And try not to laugh Mark, but someone has given us a week's holiday in Spain (did you take cash in the end?) That Junghans (or is it Max Bill?!) has caught my eye before. I love it, but Mrs Wife says I'm more of a 'big watch' kinda guy and she's probably right. Longines lovely too... I'm going to make a shortlist, though I'm struggling to raise any cash at all at the moment. Things ain't what they used to be (don't ask!). K
  6. Just back from the latest round of NHS :doctor: Thanks for the replies! Boy do I wish we had the time and money to go round the world, but we don't. It will take me a while to scrape £1k! In addition to which we have a nipper to care for over the next 15 ish years, so spending lots now is not an option. And as Mac says, I'm not sure how much I/we would enjoy it, knowing why we were there. Unfortunately we'll have to stick with the level of life insurance we have already as no insurer would now touch me with a barge pole. Ironically, I have a dicky ticker. Back to the question - hmm, Sinn is very tempting but I'll have a look at the Breitling too. Spot on with the Tudor - a bit like having a J Springs which, good though it is, isn't quite a Seiko. I might start looking through German eBay as I've exhaused most UK sources for Sinn. Cheers chaps. K
  7. OK, strictly speaking this is a watch related thread, but I thought I'd pop it in here as it's also about me. And I'm not a watch. I've had a bit of a health 'wake up' and am now firmly in touch with my own mortality. So, although I've enjoyed the last three years or so of buying, not wearing and selling 'second-string' watches, I want to move into the Premier League... albeit in the relegation places! If I don't do it soon I might not get another chance. Hah, my wife is in the background telling me not to be so dramatic (I think she'll find it's more than man flu this time). Hence the question: if you had £1k (which I don't yet) then what 'classic' would you aim for? I want something that will still be working and looking good in 40 years time, unlike me. I'm thinking about Rolex (probably Tudor), Omega and Sinn, with an outside possibility of Breitling. Only thing is I have large wrists and need something 40mm+ So I'm edging towards Sinn. Any suggestions? And if you do suggest something you own then tell me if I could buy it! K
  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of watch addiction. Buying stuff that it turns out no-one else wanted, selling stuff for a small fraction of what you paid and drooling over the stuff you can't afford because you've wasted all your money. It's a happy life :lol:
  9. I'm reminded of that fabulous clip from US television where he does some press-ups (at 90'ish years young) and springs back up. The presenter says 'How do you keep so young?' Ernest coyly refuses to answer. When pushed on the subject he looks round furtively and whispers... mast*rb*ting Now someone find us a link! What a guy.
  10. A billion neurons wouldn't even fill a couple of square millimeters of your brain... even mine contains more than 1,000 trillion! So many neurons and all I can think about is watches :lol:
  11. The wrist of the watch master! :notworthy: I feel like Grasshopper the first time he met his master, or Luke when he catches sight of Obi One. I need a lie down. Oh, great watch incidentally. Love the way it's chunky but contoured. Smooth!
  12. Welcome Manya, Don't think you'll get too many people urging you to go for the quartz! Remember there are fifty year-old mechanical watches out there (especially Rolex and other high end brands) that look as good as the day they were bought. Look after a mechanical and it will last you a lifetime.
  13. Tuuuuudor for me. Closely followed by the Omega. Not keen on the blue used on the Tag.
  14. According to my initial internet searches you have in fact bought a faux crocodile clutch bag, but I could be wrong.
  15. :blink: Why would you buy that? Oh I see, 'cos it's absolutely lovely. Absolutely very nicely lovely. Wear it in health chap. K
  16. Welcome Griff. Sounds like a wonderful piece, given all that family history, There is a sticky on the forum about how to upload pictures - have a look and see if it helps. In essence you need to post your pictures with a hosting site (like Photobucket but here are loads of others) and then use the http address they attach to the photo when you press the photo icon on this message system. Be good to see this one!
  17. That's one meaty watch - 17.5mm thick? Blimey. Good looking though. And cheap too.
  18. Look up the word 'caravan' in a dictionary and it will be described as a 'damp, flimsy box on wheels'. What else did you want to know Mike? :dntknw:
  19. I know one thing - most people would give their left kidney to inherit a Rolex with this much family history. Yes it's not in great shape cosmetically, but personally I would spend whatever it takes to get it back to its prime (assuming that's possible). Remember that you will probably own it until the bell tolls, and then - with any luck - it will pass on to your descendants. You could spend £30k on a new watch and it wouldn't have a fraction of the significance or true value already attached to this Rolex. Save up. Sell everything else you own. Get it done! And then show us :thumbup:
  20. You can actually kill two birds with one stone and make a neater job of it by heating the knife up and then cutting. The heat makes cutting easier and seals the material as you go.
  21. Ondrej, this is the perfect skeleton watch as far as I'm concerned! The colours are great (as always) and there is a real Steampunk vibe to the whole thing that will make it very, very attractive to that particular market. Excellent stuff. Wish I could afford one! Definitely not getting tired... :eek:
  22. Blimey, you wait for one RLT and three come along together! Great looking watch, excellent size and good price. I think that applied logo makes a massive difference Roy, keeps the dial looking pristine and ultra professional. Now how about one with a carbon fibre dial... :lol:
  23. I've had excellent service from Seiko UK - a bracelet replacement, new battery and full service for a Tuna came to £80 including return postage. Absolute bargain. Another reason to avoid those horrible Swiss brands that charge a small fortune and take 8 weeks to do the simplest tasks! K
  24. That sea horse is thinking "I can't see what feckin time it is!" (yes I'm watching Father Ted)
  25. Is this one of yours Mr B? It's a piece of magic. I didn't realise you had that much taste. Except in wodka!
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