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  1. Yup, good colour. The date magnifier is always stuck on top, I believe. I seem to remember one or two threads on the forum about nervous Rolex owners deciding to remove theirs with razor blades, white spirit and all sorts of other stuff you wouldn't really want within 100 miles of a £3k watch.
  2. Now I've got a proper beard and only live just down the road from you - so where's this top secret horological extravaganza?
  3. Very nice Mike, and not stupidly expensive. I think Glycine are still an under-appreciated brand, which might help to keep prices in more sensible realms. Maybe the liking gold is a getting older thing. No offence chaps! But I've noticed I'm also getting more and more into it as time passes. K
  4. :lol: Move along... nothing to see here!
  5. Hmm... a 'one off' doesn't mean much if the 'one' goes out of fashion. It's an even bigger risk than buying off the shelf if you ask me. Damien Hurst works were (for some strange reason) worth £30m last week, but this week they're gong for £8.52. One off doesn't mean exclusive, it means speculative. And as we know, investments of that kind can go up as well as down* K * I realise this could be seen as the 'wrong way round' but, as I said to my editor in 1980 something (ish), all investments go down unless you're rich to start with. And I don't think I've been proven wrong just yet...
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Great picture, makes me feel unwell just looking at it. Here's clearly a super-hero of some kind. What watch does he wear, just out of interest? (G-shock??) Thanks for posting, great stuff. K
  7. Spot on Bond. There is no alternative to buying a watch because you love it. If you buy it for that reason then it won't matter (too much) if it goes down in value. And if it goes up you're a winner twice over. Buy something just because you believe it will increase in value (actually in price) and you're heading for a fall...
  8. AbingtonLad


    Evening Bond! I think this says it all... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAl7zvdYKKk :lol: P.S. Hope this is OK mods - some 'strong' language but we're all grown-ups.
  9. Kev, I would also sell a member of your immediate family for that chronograph. Two in fact. What a stunning collection - which African country did you have to bleed dry for this lot?
  10. Incidentally those are great pictures. Good camera or good photographer?!
  11. :) loverly. But it doesn't tell the time.
  12. Snap! They're a work of art, aren't they? Bigger than the Citizen bullheads, which makes them a lot more wearable for me. I say snap but clearly I have a white second hand and a different bracelet. Interestingly the bracelet appears to be original (or at least old!) - it has the Speedtimer expanding clasp for example - but is not the classic 'fishbone' design. Not sure why.
  13. That does look the business Roger. Loving the brushed steel and that bracelet looks a beast. The crystal is interesting too - there's a 'porthole' kind of effect in that first photo, which is superb. I think Roy might have to source some more carbon fibre...
  14. FBI... presumably this stands for 'Federation of :bull*******: Instigators'
  15. This Japanese beauty, recently picked up from a top chap on the forum...
  16. Hmmm, now I wonder who could help with this request... :lol:
  17. As far as I know any IWC that isn't followed by at least three zeros is a bargain. Then again this particular watch could have spent half its life sitting at the bottom of a lake... The movement is spot on, as you would expect from IWC, so it really is down to the condition of the case etc. And, of course, whether or not you actually like it :wallbash:
  18. Spot on. Because Rolex have held their value or even increased in value over the last 50 years doesn't mean they will continue to do so. You have to buy something because you like it, simple as... Not long ago an ex-forum member asked (in as many words) how he could profit from his watch habit. You will note that the important prefix in this sentence is 'ex-' :lol:
  19. You should feel sorry for Kev, it's the best he could come up with.... :tongue2: Come on, sadly Kev knows a thing or two about confidence tricks now :threaten:
  20. New site looks much better Roy. Let me know if you need someone to proof read the finished item - words are my thing and I used to do this sort of stuff for a living. There is a 'krispydk' on eBay and he was active this month. Might be worth firing of an email through this eBay account to see if it's our man.
  21. I know it's wrong but it makes me smile every time... :lol:
  22. Very similar to Seiko indeed, just with that slightly strange name. If they rebranded to something a bit less... square... they would sell a bundle. Weird that the Japanese, who think of everything (particularly when it comes to watches) are sticking with such a non-trendy moniker. Still, maybe they do it to make sure the credibility 'gap' between J Springs and Seiko itself remains big enough to justify the price difference. I'd buy certainly buy one if I liked the look of it. Great VFM, especially if you compare to branded stuff like Storm, Timberland etc.
  23. Blimey, I have never seen the like and I love it. Beautifully different. make sure you post pics of the finished item :D
  24. I like that! Time to think of a way of making a see-through strap... a proper one, with joints and links, not one of those Swatch efforts. Wear it in health!
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