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  1. This may be a great bargain? Airnimal Joey http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airnimal-Joey-Folding-Bicycle-/331977519110?hash=item4d4b66f006:g:9J0AAOSw4shX4lZN
  2. I had a Leisure Lakes bag that was very useful but I wouldn't have wanted to use it every day. What are your requirements? I've thought about the Airnimal, as a compromise, for a few years, but even tonight informative owners reviews are pretty hard to find,
  3. I don't think I have ever felt the need to stand up on a folder, I take it easy, it's not like I am on my road bike. Surely the need to stand up on a folder is either, wrong gear, not enough gears, unfit? All could be applicable to any sized bike. 2 Cheap Dahons https://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/?o=tS&doc_id=1957&v=Tj
  4. What point? I don't understand that at all. Stable on what? 16" wheels? 20" wheels? 24" wheels? Quality bike? Supermarket folder? What tyres? What pressure are those tyres? I forget I am riding folder after a few minutes. I have 2 dedicated tourers but I could not fit one in my car last week with four 16 year old girls wanting to go to Sandcastles at Blackpool, so I took a folder. On a long tour I take a normal bike and prefer them but on a "fun" trip I take a folder, I can get it on any train or bus, a normal bike is not accepted on many buses or trains abroad, they give total
  5. Absolute Rubbish. People have gone around the world on them and there are umpteen long distance tour reviews on the net. I first came across them in 2009 when my cousin from Oz pitched up on a Dahon, he is 6' 5" & how I laughed............but they got me thinking and now I own 2, after a few minutes I forget I am riding a folder, they have been all around The Netherlands, France & Spain and in July I did an 8 day trip of Catalonia on a Dahon. Last weekend I rode from Blackpool to Morecambe on one. Oh, and as a regular long (trans countries) distance cyclist I have 2 dedicated tourers a
  6. Hi Haydn,

    I'll take it.

    Rgds, Mark


  7. Hi Paul, I'd like the Estyma please.

  8. Well we won't agree obviously but we've been through all this with the same arguments with motorcyclists and with seat-belts and I remember the discussions well then which when on for a long time... You say that "Nobody, AFAIK, is against m/bike helmets or seat belts, but those are easily proven to be of a nett benefit, " Well that is certainly is the case now but at the time there were pressure groups making the same arguments about compulsion and that people would be at more risk of an accident because they felt more safe. All untrue of course as the figures now show very clearly since the
  9. Never said that, never would. I have car, motorbike & scooter as well as several bikes. Thanks. I am not anti-helmet, not at all, I am pro-choice, that is anti-compulsion. That is why I challenged Mike's opinion, despite being a non-rider he said "anyone not wearing a crash-hat of some description is being foolhardy" which insinuates that those who do not are some sort of clueless risk crazed numpties. In reality many are experienced cyclists who have taken time to look at all the available information, calculated the risk and then made an informed choice. Introducing m/cycle helmets an
  10. Oh give over Mike! I've yet to hear a cogent argument FOR wearing helmets and what anti-helmet brigade? That's your logic coming over clear. I am only aware of anti-compulsion people, that take time to tackle ill informed opinions. You will have looked at what has happened in the very few countries where compulsion has been introduced? Nobody, AFAIK, is against m/bike helmets or seat belts, but those are easily proven to be of a nett benefit, cycle helmets are not, not being either, or even remotely related. A&E's up and down the country tonight will be full of head injuries, only a minisc
  11. I have been about a bit..............am in Stockton soon, we will meet up? If you had been wearing a helmet perhaps you really would have had a severe battering, after all your bonce would have been very much bigger.
  12. They said that back in the days when motorcyclists' pressure groups used to moan about wearing helmets... I think I'd rather believe ROSPA's findings based on real research... ROSPA "The effectiveness of cycle helmets" Believe all you want Mike, but how about reading some alternative views? You said you don't ride but now your are a bicycle helmet scientist? Bond is riding a bicycle not a motorbike, they are not comparable, I ride both. Acquaint yourself with some bicycle helmet knowledge stats/facts and come back to me if you like. A better & quicker idea would be to Google "cycle helme
  13. Bond, I am so disappointed in you. There is not one single shred of scientific evidence to prove that cycle helmets have any nett benefit, not one. This is why CTC the major cycling organisation in the UK, will not encourage mandatory use. They are not even sold as safety devices by the manufacturers, but as a "product" to buy...amazing, you'd think they'd sell zillions if they were so useful, er, protective...., it's a UK/US thing......get it now? Plus, you'll look a twat. If people want to wear one, fine, if they don't, fine. But none of this daft "anyone not wearing a crash-hat of some desc
  14. Hello everybody, quick visit, we had a family calamity which took up a lot of my time and caused me to re-evauate some things..............I've since sold my buisness and now help semi-independent adults who have mental and/or physical disabilities. Watches? I had the perfect 10 for a couple of years (I still have them) and there was just nothing that I coveted, not then and not now. All I was doing was regularly changing my work watch, but then I bought a Seiko Sportura from Taffyman and that became the perfect work watch, it has been for over a year now. I need something to grab my atten
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