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  1. Just like reading the old teleprinter off BBC Grandstand.
  2. Some nice pics in this thread. :) I have a Voken (with a Sekio movement) that belonged to my late father, god knows where he got it, I've never ever seen another Voken. I've a Mortima Mayerling with an inverted bezel, never seen another. I do know that there is a not another one of these anywhere, assembled by Roy Taylor, a 1960's O&W divers case, ETA 2824 movement, hand set chosen by Roy
  3. Yes, been nice to have used the bridge but it's bit flat there. Over the moors to Whitby would have been good. but not as good as both stages being so close to me! :thumbup:
  4. Well, they were never going to do Barnsley-Grimethorpe-Castleford! :D I went to South Yorkshire once, would have been mid 1990's, yikes! Like something out of "28 days later", or, Hull...................never been back since! Tbh I rarely venture south of the A650. Yes, I can't do what I used to but this area certainly keeps you fit, doesn't matter which way I return, I've got a 1 mile+ hill to my house.
  5. Oh happy days, I can hardly believe that it is really going to happen! :thumbup: Stage 1 is on part of my regular training ride, Otley to Skipton. Stage 2 I think a leisurely ride along the canal to Silsden or Skipton will be nice.
  6. At what I'd be prepared to pay for one, sub £100, Invicta's are very good value IMO. A £60 Miyota 8205 powered Invicta or a £60 7s26 Seiko? No contest, the Invicta bracelet alone would swing it for me. I think the name has negative connotations, like many other "names". BTW some good Seiko 5's on Amazon for £50 at the mo'.
  7. Too thick to be practical.... too thick to look good on the wrist. Oh. I am wearing a thick watch today, it's 10mm, it is practical because it has raised edges to cover the recessed dial, I use it for site work where I don't want to wear a G-Shock. However, that's ok with T-shirt & work fleece but it's totally impractical to wear such a thing under a long sleeved shirt.
  8. Sit's uneasily with me, I don't think it's funny and I am not sure who is the real loser.
  9. Read a lot of negative reports, blisters and muscle problems being the most popular complaints. Plus, who'd be seen dead anyway?
  10. So...........................my Kindle hasn't come out of the drawer since my August holiday, my daughter never ever uses hers and I now have an unwanted Kindle Fire too. After a very brief spell where I thought that they were uselful, my original gut feeling was confirmed, they are useless...........apart from holidays. Good article in The Times yesterday, printed books sales rose for the first time since 2006, e-reader sales collapsed. I am thinking digital picture frames...............
  11. Dat-o-matic, Spezimatic, I am sucker for any watch with '70' style "matic" on them. That is the best looking watch I've seen on here for ages, the dial is a beautiful colour and the contrasting hands, colour & shape, set it off just right. :thumbup:
  12. They are fantastic value, near mint 2nd hand seem to go for £50, incredible considering what you get it terms of movement, fit & finish. I have one but only like the ones with the "Aqualung" logo. :) Roy sold some very similar Astina's years ago, I wish I could find one of those again. Mine gets used a lot, usually when I am too ashamed to wear a Casio G-Shock..........I lost it once in Ilkely Lido, it spent a week under water till the next opening time.
  13. You saying he hasn't got the flow?
  14. ...........in Huddersfield. Be careful out there. :D
  15. Hey, if you like it better, it is better! :thumbup: :thumbup:
  16. They were gypsies, came with a flat bed Transit full of scrap metal. They said the "big man" wanted them for computers but then they proceeded to chuck them on top of the scrap metal? Very strange, I have no idea where the money is. Funny thing is, I bet they end up within 10m of my office, I have the gypsy camp behind my unit and the largest council dump adjacent!
  17. The barge operator en route to SE Asia?? I will ask..............
  18. That's probably because you like it better. That's why i tried to pin down the quality issue, a lot of times posters say the "build quality" of this or that is much better than this or that, but they never say how. It's very ambigous, especially when you often have the same movements and price points. I am naturally suspicious of the sub-a-like pricing, I've had a Steinhart, an O&W M1 and a £60 Invicta (Miyota) and tbh I could see no area where the Invicta was inferior, apart from having bleedin "Invicta" emblazened all over the case! This Mk11 looks gorgeous, the seller has seen a market, not just for WIS's and he's produced a limited run. I suspect that he could have charged more.
  19. Got a guy collecting them all today, he replied to a Freecycle ad, he said "My driver will collect about 9". My driver? I wonder what is going on?.
  20. Bradford City 3 - Aston Villa 1 So that is Wigan, Arsenal and Villa seen off then, easy peasy. It is astonishing how bad these players (50k-100k a week) perform when made to "fight" rather than "play", Villa were pathetic, Arsenal beyond pathetic.
  21. Quite a lot I would think, I reckon I could get a tool, diver & dress watch, all for £25, "names" too. There are some great Casio bargains, I've always wanted the basic Casio on a bracelet but at the mo' I am having an emotional pull to the Timex Dexter Green.
  22. I have a £25 Amazon voucher (Boo to voucher presents!) and have found 60-70 Timex watches under £25.........................
  23. Yes, "more" makes them look very much worse IMO.
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