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  1. Is he still going? I've dropped him an email and had no reply. I fancy an orient sinn 656 it'll be my first watch purchase in over 4 years.
  2. It sure is :thumbsup:. Good to see you still enjoying it. It's not round vs square for me but mix of both
  3. We'll I'm a bit divided on this one, yes I like a nice square or oblong case, but the more conventional round case is a bit more wrist friendly. I like the square cased ones as they're a bit more unusual, but I do have more round cases than others. Here's one to be going on with:- ATB, Defender :astro:. is that my old one?
  4. I hate vbh she needs a good kick in the sponge. her voice, her laugh omg....... like nails down a chalk board
  5. am i right in thinking tubed ciagrs are the way to go if you dont have a humidor etc and only have a few posh ones every now and then?
  6. the next morning it did I was to tired to even bother lol
  7. mell would you like to see the first dance? I know your into ya dancing
  8. the heart beat freelancer. when I firsted saw one 2 years ago they where less than 1K now more like £1500 :thumbsdown:
  9. thanks guys mel I've realised more and more how important family is. when you see every one coming to gether to help out with the wedding etc it realy makes you think about how lucky you are to have them
  10. its nice to play this game again its been solong
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