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  1. It'd pay you to go on holiday in Grand Cayman and just buy the watch at Kirk Freeport. Much lower price than the UK. Send the boxes and papers by post to a buddy. Or even just pay the tax. No waiting there.
  2. Would love to see the inside of this one Paul. And just how thick is that case?
  3. Jarett Harkness, an occasional poster here on the Forum, and successor to Rene Rondeau as Hamilton Electric Guru has had a nice article published at "Worn and Wound". You can read that article here: http://wornandwound.com/hamilton-electric-the-race-to-create-the-worlds-first-battery-powered-watch/ This one is for "Ted" who was lamenting the state of the "Good Old Electric Forum". It is a great article, and not just for electric watch enthusiasts.
  4. Scott: If you need to replace the crystal in this you will find that you can't find one. I can refer you to a person who is making them. PM me if you are interested. My oldie for the day. One of my very favourites. I've had all three dial colour variants at one time or another, and even did a custom for myself years ago. This is my favourite one though, which I bought NOS (and there was a reason why it was never sold - it didn't work correctly, and I had to cannibalize another watch for parts), with the original bracelet.
  5. I am still here, just not that often. "Real life" has intervened. I think much of the excitement of discovery has gone, because things, well, have been discovered. And those of us who I know are active collectors of electric watches communicate directly with each other. It is also true that I really have no interest in modern watches. This in not a value judgement: it's just not what turns my crank. So in honour of electric oldies I include a few old photos of watches in my collection: Waltham Electric "Atomic" dial with Landeron 4750 movement I think everyone needs a black dial Electro-Chron in their collection. Still my favourite electric watch I think. Although a Vega on an original bracelet would give the Electro Chron a run for its money in the battle for my top electric love I think everyone needs a Ventura too. Completely radical styling, and the watch that started the electric revolution. Totally cool, and a good investment (if you care about that sort of thing). I have a real fondness for the Accutron Up-Down. A tip of the hat to Silver Hawk for introducing me to these watches. A fun photo. I only have one skeleton Electro Chron left.
  6. No. I have "missed" on ebay trying to replace the bezel and crown on the Bathy. I have not had even a minor lead on the parts for the Bivouac. Any help that you could give me would be most appreciated. Thanks
  7. Seems like the perfect day for something from the "Space Age":
  8. Been wearing this old Hamilton automatic (early '60's) for the last week. I bought it for the movement (a cal. 667, the one used in the Pacermatic), but the watch is running just fine. Not exciting, but...
  9. I'm cheating. I no longer own this watch, but it was a great one.
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